Zelda Ride Rumored for Lost Continent in Islands of Adventure – ParksNews

Further theme park lands had been deliberate to open at Common Orlando after Tremendous Nintendo World. One in every of them was …

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27 thoughts on “Zelda Ride Rumored for Lost Continent in Islands of Adventure – ParksNews

  1. This isn't for the ride concept but ideas for retheming already existing areas. Someone has probably thought of this already, but I would like to see Mythos rethemed to be Dodongo's Cavern Cafe. Also Poseidon's fury area could be rethemed to look like the Water temple and Sinbad stunt show area to be rebuilt to look like Hyrule castle. The ride in the video could be made to where you enter the water temple and exit out of Hyrule castle with either an animatronic Zelda or video of Zelda thanking you for saving the kingdom from Ganon. I would also include a giant tree and forest area between Mythos and Poseidon's fury to act as Kokiri forest. They could build a small stage under the tree with built in stadium seating around the stage. They could have small shows similar to what is seen in the Harry Potter areas.

  2. I would have loved this so much, I love Legend of Zelda, boat rides, and suspended rides, a combination of all of these things would be amazing. Here's how I think it would have gone: it would start in a peaceful woods area (like the Great Plateau from Breath of the Wild) and then jumping off the Plateau into the bigger world would be when it starts flying. Not long after you start flying you would leave the open woods behind and go into some dungeon-type areas, ending with an encounter with Ganon in the ruined castle. Basically it would shift from taking in the atmosphere of the Zelda world to an action-packed finale.

  3. Dude if they get the rights to use anime like universal japan then universal orlando can possibly be the nerd theme park capital of the west they already have marvel , harry potter , now nintendo with anime theyd be set

  4. So I guess universal owns Nintendo which mean they can now make movies off of them just wish there was a movie channel of Nintendo that would be a dream come true, that way I can stop watching YouTube and watch something official…..

  5. Note to Universal Executives that got "Cold Feet": Build Nintendo anything and IT WILL BE NUTS! I assure you it's a worthwhile investment and your ROI will far exceed expectations. Now will you please resume construction!

  6. They need to open this up in an economic friendly zone where they won't have to be shut down over a whim. California is NOT that zone not even close.

  7. A “Flying Boat”? That’ll be awesome like Peter Pans Flight meets E.T. Adventure instead of flying bikes or pirate ships we’ll have boats like the Jurassic Park ride 😃

  8. The only problem is that Pokemon is not 100% Nintendo’s property, Pokemon and Zelda (Ben Drowned and skull kids) is not part of the Nintendo deal with Universal because Nintendo doesn’t own The Pokémon Company. Hell, you can even see that both Pokémon Go and the Detective Pikachu movie doesn’t feature the Nintendo logo in the credits. Isn’t it six flags and Warner Bros that have the rights to the Pokemon movies TV shows and theme lands too? I certainly remember them having distribution rights to the first anime movie.

  9. As cool as this ride system seems, I low key would rather it just be a normal boat ride. Universal is in desperate need of relaxing experiences, and I feel the ride line up is unbalanced in favor of exciting rides. Still looks cool, though!

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