Zee Business LIVE TV | Stock Market Update | Sensex | Nifty | Business News | January 21, 2020

Zee Enterprise LIVE | Inventory Market LIVE Replace | Enterprise Information | Breaking Information | Share Bazaar within the section you’ll be able to watch newest enterprise information, inventory …

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13 thoughts on “Zee Business LIVE TV | Stock Market Update | Sensex | Nifty | Business News | January 21, 2020

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  2. Insider information! SUZLON ENERGY will develop charging stations for tesla all over India. It has been decided in recent meeting between top authorities of both companies. Official press release will be done on first week of feb. Suzlon energy's share price may jump from 7 to 20 rupees.

  3. Sir i request you to please remove nitin murarka from show he gave today's expiry call on NIFTY i lost 1 lakh in seconds…

  4. If you depend on recommendations of TV analysts for trading specially futures, the capital will soon get wiped out. It's better to make own analysis.

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