Zac Brown Band – You and Islands (Official Lyric Video)

Escape 2020 with us to paradise in our lyric video for “You and Islands”! When you prefer it, be certain that to present it a thumb’s up and click on the subscribe button to get …

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35 thoughts on “Zac Brown Band – You and Islands (Official Lyric Video)

  1. I can't believe how many people are dissing on the last couple of albums… I have loved pretty much everything these guys have done, from The Foundation to The Owl and everything in between! I like that they are experimenting with new sounds all the time, but to me they still have a familiar sound.

  2. Love you Zac!…I'm young again when I listen to your beautiful voice…I can almost see me and my little ones dancing around our living room like so many years ago👍💖🥰

  3. I mean it's okay… The Owl was terrible.. miss their old music….Let's hope he's going back to the old country they we're awesome !!! 🙂

  4. This is my new favorite song! I've got it on repeat on my 40 minute commute! Thanks guys for the great song and feeling!

  5. Not gonna lie I don’t like his resent music I like his music in the foundation and you get what you give and songs like the songs that were in those albums. Those songs were real contury but now it’s nothing like what it used to be

  6. I'm so glad that this exists. I wasn't thrilled by the electronic sound of The Owl at all. I remember listening to it and wishing that I was listening to Day that I Die or Lance's Song or Martin instead. But this? This blend of that electronic sound and the old acoustic country feel? This is a sound that I can finally fall in love with again, that I am falling in love with more and more every time that I listen to this. Thank you for making this song, thank you for making music in this shitshow of a time to be alive. Thank you.

  7. My fiancé and I have been trying to plan our 2021 wedding through this whole mess, and we're planning on going to the caribbean for the honeymoon.

    This literally sounds like our theme song right now. If it's out by then I hope I can play this at our wedding reception.

  8. Keep mixin it up guys! I don’t think you can put out a bad song shit even made Patrick Swayze was cool!

  9. Zac brown band. If your reading this, buy the rights to the world ain't slowing down song by Ellis Paul. It's an amazing song that your bands style would do wonders.

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