Yoshi's Island Part 10 – The Flying Red Menace

Severely, unsure why they thought it was an excellent mechanic. Twitter – Fb – …

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30 thoughts on “Yoshi's Island Part 10 – The Flying Red Menace

  1. If you think about it, the first stage of world 5 "Go! Go! Mario!" is a homage to the Mario games before, all with a Yoshi's Island twist on it.
    First you got your first 1-1-like level with an introduction to the goomba, paratroopa and koopa. Also, two thin platforms where enemies fall from. That hasn't happened in any of the previous levels.
    Then we got a section with a lot of pipes — especially like Super Mario Bros. 3's world 7, but all Mario games have some bits with lots of pipes.
    Then you go down to a cave. Every Mario level has to have a cave.
    Next, a section with the bullet bills, also a classic Mario enemy. Bullet bills could be seen at level 8-2 from Super Mario Bros., with both levels being designed to be dangerous when you're at the bottom, in the path of the bullet bills (it's safer to cross at the top, but you miss out on the goodies at the bottom).
    Afterwards there's a Athletic-like stage. Remember level 1-3 from Super Mario World? Tall thin platforms, lots of air between, many chances to fall to your death? That's this kind of stage.
    Lastly, we party with a Star Mario section and some wigglers from Super Mario World. But this time, they fly.

    That's my reasoning, though. Never looked up the design of Yoshi's Island.

  2. I still play Yoshi's Island for the SNES (well, not an actual SNES but the GBA version) and I always thought the Goombas are a little weird to look at, I got used to the ones in Super Mario World (even though they also look strange) but I never got used to the ones here. At 1:36, I forgot that they are still alive after being stepped on (but I never knew that after being flattened, if I wait 5-6 seconds they return to normal), I usually just gobble them up and turn them into eggs. My point is, Goombas in Yoshi's Island freaked me out in the past and they still do now.

  3. "I'm sure there's some sorta cops in the dinosaur era." – Proton Jon. Dino cops? Don't you mean TriceraCOPS? XDDDD

  4. Episode Stats

    Death count: 3 (Total: 8)
    Total Stars Lost: 29 (Total: 192)
    "What?!" count: 5 (Total: 30)
    "Fuck" count: 10 (Total: 49)
    "Jon Dissolves Into Laughter" count: 0 (Total: 19)
    "Jon's Bad at Aiming" count: 2 (Total: 25)
    "Future Jon Makes Snarky Comment" count: 3 (Total: 33)
    "Jon Comments on Not Getting a Bonus Game" count: 1 (Total: 7)
    "Jon Loses a Bonus Game or Mini-game" count: 0 (Total: 11)
    "Jon Comments on the Level Name" count: 2 (Total: 17)
    "Jon Accidentally Hits a Message Block" count: 0 (Total: 5)

  5. Wow, I have noticed in this LP that Jon has a surprisingly good singing voice and I also noticed how annoying the red coin shy guys are.

  6. To be fair, a lot of games become grating when you try to hundred percent them. For E.g. I'm currently playing Saints Row 2 and that goddamn crowd control and tow truck missions are fucking awful

  7. Yeah, this game is kinda like Kirby's Epic Yarn. Easy enough just to beat, but boy do you have to put in an effort to get 100%.

  8. Problem with not 100%ing this game is that its actually pretty short if you ignore everything. If you ignore the coins, stars, and flowers, you can blast through some staghes in like 30-40 seconds. The game is only pretty long when you go for 100%.

  9. I get the vibe of red shy guys being invisible coin blocks…that mother fucker in More Monkey Madness made me redo that level at least 30 times when I played this 100% recently.

  10. 4-3 always was that level where I dreaded going to, simply because of those frick-fracking red coin guys.  Why they thought putting them in sky areas was a good idea, is beyond me.

  11. 11:40 that is NOT a valid excuse, Jon. :p
    My mom got our SNES controllers on launch day (august 1992 since we're from Germany. I wasn't even born back then) and they worked flawlessly ever since. And I'm still playing stuff like Mario World (1+2) and Super Metroid on it on a regular basis

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