XRP Trading / Price Discovery Halt & Ripple Wants A Ruling

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46 thoughts on “XRP Trading / Price Discovery Halt & Ripple Wants A Ruling

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  2. SEC files case agaist Ripple.

    But are those behind Gold & Silver manipulation, Lehman Sub-prime crisis, and Asian-Financial crisis in jail for the evil done?

  3. If anyone can answer…how come on my Exodus wallet, it wont let me convert my XRP to bitcoin?? It says xrp unavailable. So does that mean even wallets are halting too just like exchanges?? And if so, why is it halting now??? And not january

  4. Nice video Though, This I'S Really an encouragment for everyone.
    Keep us updated with your nice videos I'm already a fan 💛

  5. So how and who determines the real market value of xrp if its off limits for retailers?
    Are they going to tag it onto something? Uncle Bens Rice? I surely hope not the SDR,
    SEC worked with Reggie Middleton too……then they sued him because they wanted his excellent product ………….

  6. I've always heard that if it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense. To day, I learned that if it doesn't make sense, it doesn't make money!

  7. @Digital Asset Investor, my take is that banking institutions want in, but they don't want to pay high prices. They can't do this outside the U.S., because regulatory authorities are not so easily bought off, but they can do so here: with the SEC and Clayton. So I suspect the plan is this: file the lawsuit, which causes all crypto exchanges to shut down. Americans cannot buy XRP anymore, unless through dubious means, or the old way (which was very expensive and taxing). I took all my XRP off Coinbase the moment I heard the news, because they can and will freeze wallets, in the event of regulatory uncertainty. I suspect they'll do it soon. I'm not selling. I've come too far. I've been here since the beginning. I knew about Ripple in 2013. In 2015 I got into them, because I saw XRP and the potential. They want to shake down as many people as possible. They're going to drive the price down, so low, that you'll sell. This has happened before: in the 19th century with farmland that railroads would buy up with rumors and other tactics. Don't give in. We're so close. I'd rather lose on belief in my dreams, than giving into the SEC and it's corporate paymasters.

    Final note: get a ledger and $1000 worth of XRP, for the newbies still on the fence.

  8. The Government wants XRP. Ripple is threatening the federal reserve by positioning them selves to be a central bank. I think they have to bring Ripple, to the court rooms. just to learn more about what ripples intensions are and to intergrade with them in the future. The tech is here and they have to embrace it, or another country will. Like Antarctica…LOL

  9. 9:47 Bingo! SEC didn't freeze their assets, which they usually do if there's a serious securities fraud going on. I saw that freeze happen in SEC vs. Traffic Monsoon lawsuit a couple of years ago, when I almost lost my entire investment. The asset freeze is an emergency measure to protect investors and collect as much cash as possible to compensate for the loss to the investors, once the court ruling is out. If SEC were really worried about 'investors' they would freeze EVERYTHING Ripple, Larsen and Garlinghouse own.

  10. For the life of me, it doesn't make sense for all these xrp detractors and haters to flood xrp videos with their negative comments. Unless they are trying to promote the shakeout themselves🤷

  11. return on investment

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  12. If it's not for retail, then what will happen to ours? To whom we should sell it and at what price? I don't want to sell at the price I buy, I demand a 100000x of it.

  13. Stop likking the boots of Ripple . They dont care a about us. who u whont tho be ? the frog or the pig. they dont need the money , theyr EGO trippers. Just like all of them, they whant to be right. no matther what cost for the general poeple. Just like the SEC does.

  14. When this that… bla bla bla …. same like the coibase listing would change everything? i dont buy it. Ripple fucked theire retail investor when they dont settled with the sec when they could. price would be great now. PS. im a long time investor . but now they lost me as a investor and supporter. Im not a teenager going to prom dance

  15. Donald Trump was probably referring to the digital dollar…. There is a pdf available online if you Google "digital dollar january 1st 2021"

    If you haven't already seen it then….. Thank me later

  16. DAI you are so sad. Again, you can’t sort out your playback volumes? No one can hear the videos you play back – you DO REALISE that don’t you?. Been telling you for months. Why don’t you get your son to draw you a picture on how to fix your damn sound. Geezus.

  17. Doesn't make Cents, It make Billions . Fed is the one who benefited in this crash. search Cryptoteacher videos to know whats feds plan

  18. I have "hoddled ",XRP,through the whole bare market for years ,I'm sure as hell sure I can hold on for s few more months to get to the "end of this race" lol!

  19. I don't understand why people didn't sell at 40 plus cents…. i literally quadrupled the amount of xrp I had and was able to pocket a nice amount of money. Verse losing half my money then dumping more money in at a lower price….

  20. It cannot be a stock, the price has to stabilize or their system doesn’t work. The reason prices are volatile now is to get people to buy in. Once the masses are in, prices will level. No one will spend crypto on a coffee if they do not know the price. Everything must be liquid for their blockchain of things to work.

  21. At this point , I'm still waiting for more dip and get greedy. Perfect time to accumulate more your last chance too!!!

  22. Just stuffed more XRP into my bags! What an awesome time to buy! Full disclosure, I've been waiting for another opportunity like this, ever since we hit the alleged $0.92!🚀

  23. I'm HODLing and buying more on this dip…. Ride the wave, people…….RIDE THE WAVE!!
    This situation is EXACTLY why you diversify your assets. NEVER put all your eggs into the same basket!!

  24. its all planned out, the 20th of Jan the new president comes in as well as regulatory clarity was promised on that time frame. XRP is part of the NWO and they are manipulating all markets incl cryptos

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