XP Update, Data Wipes, New Animals and More in Roblox Islands!

Displaying you every part that’s new within the newest XP Replace in Roblox Islands together with the brand new XP leveling system, easy methods to get Financial system XP (the largest …

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32 thoughts on “XP Update, Data Wipes, New Animals and More in Roblox Islands!

  1. I was mad 😡 for a minute, but now I completely understand the update and agree with it. I am one of the honest players who earned just over a billion by setting up my shop. So it hurt when so much of my stuff was gone but I agree when you say if you did it before you can do it again.

  2. whoever hates the update bc of the wipe and bc they just want for the economy,bro, ur on the wrong side of the game


  3. All the flowers I had in my inventory are gone… I harvested them myself xD
    Actualy, that is the only thing that hurt me about the update, not the smelters, not the fireflies, not my money but the flowers.

    But hey! I have to say what I like too, right?
    -No duped items.
    -Sheeps and animal update.
    -The level up and xp sound.
    -No duped items.
    -More carpet colors and wool!
    -Catching fireflies gives animal husbandry xp, so that means I have things to do at night now.
    -Did I say no duped items?
    (so far those I like the most)

  4. I lost 5 billion! It took me so long to flip all those items just for it to vanish away. I still see why they did it though

  5. DV: talks about the data wipe

    me who did not loose a single item in my inventory: what data wipe?

    and I wish the best of luck to everybody who lost everything and hope you get it all back

  6. I hate this update it’s so annoying but I love your vids it calms me down alot

    I also found the best way to farm Xp for farming

  7. I am very mad and sad i literally played for so long I had 36 billion all my money and inventory is gone!!!:( Sorry DV but this is the second time I had data wipe, and the first time I listened to you and made 36 billion but now i have 500k coins, I'm sorry DV but I can't handle I am crying I spent so much of my time on this game then studying and now I wish I had never played this game! 🙁 I can't handle Dv bye hope you expand your channel.

  8. Fertility Potions: You have 2 cows, you give both one fertility potion, then the magic happens, and you can experience the beautiful outcome yourself 😉

  9. bro I can understand the issue but I was a honest player and I am playing this game since it came out and I only had 70 millions coins and playing for 10 hours each day I made this money in 5 months and as you said we should have earned money from the merchants then can the Owner answer us why he added vending in the game ??
    It feels bad when you work hard and loose everything for someone else ; I cried a lot after I lost it and not only money I lost 7 of my industrial smelters out of 8 .. I just don't know what to say more , I might quit islands and even might quit Roblox too .

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