X MARKS THE SPOT | Curse of Oak Island

Rick and Marty Lagina name a gathering to debate the place the Oak Island treasure is hidden. Corjan Mol and Christopher Morford broaden on their concept after …

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20 thoughts on “X MARKS THE SPOT | Curse of Oak Island

  1. Historically speaking the oak island has proven to be absolutely full of artifacts that have value both monetarily and historical knowledge. That's above and beyond what has been found there in the past. All those people going there hundreds of years ago had some reason for it at a time when you weren't likely to come back seeing how it was such a dangerous hard journey just getting there. I hope our generation can get to the bottom of the mystery. I mean they've found human bones over hundred feet below surface and coins dating back three hundred plus years anyone not seeing there's something to this place apparently understands zero about history and archeology.

  2. This should be called the "Curse of Rick and Marty Show" for bull $hi++ing for a whole hour and waisting people time. This show has become one big pile of BS!!!!

  3. I wish you all a Happy New Year. I'm not sure if this is finally the end of a horrible nightmare, or a sign of things to come. I remember 2019 wasn't a very good year, until compared to 2020. I choose to make 2021 a GREAT year !!! How about you?

  4. I knew why they make the show. It helps with payment to look for the treasure. I am all about looking for treasure especially in this day and age who doesn't want to find something that's been lost.
    I can end your searching now though. Oak Island was used as a place to hide the ark of the covenant when it came from overseas. It was hidden there for a few years but removed obviously because it was never intended to stay there. The ark of the covenant holds ancient technology that is well and above the technology that we have in the world today. Did that technology come from ancient advanced human civilizations or did that technology come from somewhere else? These are questions we may have answered only if we ever have access to it. But there is no intention to ever let the public know what the ark of the covenant actually contains. The ark of the covenant is used to convince people in power that certain paths must be maintained in human society. I know where the Ark of the covenant currently is and I would tell you, however if I tell you they will simply move it again and you will never find it there. If that happens you will never believe that it was there. I have seen the ark, but I have not seen what's inside of it. My conclusion as to what's inside is pieced together from the thousands of stories I have read and seen. It simply makes the most sense. I suspect these guys will find an area underground on oak Island that was used to store the ark among other things. They will find bits and pieces of other items proving that something had been stored there but they will ultimately not find what was considered to be the treasure on oak Island.
    I would have you consider one other thing. I don't believe in any gods. People call the ark of the covenant the ark of the covenant because apparently it represents the covenant between humanity and God. However keep in mind if you encounter a race of beings far more technologically advanced than you, would not one of the ways to describe them be to describe them as gods if you had no other way or no other words to describe their capabilities when they far exceeded yours? The very fact the ark was named the ark of the covenant suggests that what it holds inside is an agreement and proof of an agreement between two parties.

  5. Partial French message reads : “LE C…” Guy in the team asks a “professor” (of what?) : “Professor, could it be “chambre”? And the “professor” nods and smiles approvingly. Except, no, it couldn’t be “chambre”, as the word is feminine in French. But, hey! Who cares, I guess! This is pseudoscience and fake documents anyway! Why bother with correctness and knowing things!

  6. Guys, if you’re gonna fake French documents, at least, find a French speaking person to forge them. The decoded “French” message makes no sense and is even more cryptic than the coded version itself! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  7. This show has always been ludicrous, of course, but it’s now a plain and simple embarrassing laughing stock.

  8. Some basic principles of the French language were the same as today, even in the 14th century. This map is an obvious fake. And a ludicrously bad one. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. You’re still at it with you’re fake map obviously written in fake French ? The person pretending to write in French obviously didn’t have even the most basic grasp of the language, ancient or not. Even someone in their first year of learning French could tell you that!

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