With Democrats controlling the Senate and White House, here's what's next

The Democrats are taking management of the Senate as an impeachment trial, cupboard nominations and an bold Biden agenda are all on the desk. Learn extra: …

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26 thoughts on “With Democrats controlling the Senate and White House, here's what's next

  1. When a politician is being sworn in, they have to place their hand on the Brible and hope their bladder doesn't start bleeding as they recite the oath.

  2. TAINTED JURY, A CONFLICT OF INTEREST: GOP is still up to their dirty tricks, and just who in the GOP did "what and when" during the month prior to Jan. 6th terrorist storming of the Senate? It seems to me the "insurrection" was a planned event, and those who helped "conspire", were complicit to the crimes, and are also now on the "voting jury".

    How can this be and what could turn it around? I think it's the truth about the "jury" and their participation as "conspirators" should be scrutinized and disclosed. When the Judicial system finds "conflict of interest" in members, they traditionally "recuse" their participation. Why should this be different?

    Perhaps it is time to "out" these "conspirators" publicly to prohibit their participation in the impeachment trial?

  3. All presidents must focus on education, healthcare, job creation and political trust elements. What the focus on today is none of the above.

  4. Hello Washington Post YouTube dept… the internet is not as easily accepting of the twist of words in print. The internet is more critical. It doesn't blindly fawn over your TDS-inspired reporting. You may have to do what all the other outlets are doing… you may have to silence alternate thought by switching off comments. Otherwise many "wrong-think" people may post non-adulatory ideas.

  5. Democrats doing what they do best, waste taxpayers money, burning through our money as fast as they can with NOTHING to show for it..a message to the democrat party, just incase it's gone by you WE THE TAX PAYING AMERICANS HATE YOU AND WANT YOU OUT OF OFFICE AND AWAY FROM OUR MONEY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  6. This is what true tyranny looks like. Executive orders, fraud election, troops surrounding Washington, censorship on free speech

  7. "With Democrats controlling the Senate and White House, here's what's next" I can tell you what's next….you have a political party who now completely controls everything in the United States, does this remind anyone of history? We are all in big trouble

  8. What is with the Democrats and their media allies propping up Senator Klobuchar? Oh yes, she is a neoliberal that attacked Senator Sanders and tanked her campaign for Biden just prior to Super Tuesday. It looks like they are grooming her for big things. She is supported by UnitedHealth Group Incorporated – "an American for-profit managed health care company based in Minnesota. It is the largest healthcare company in the world by revenue, with 2019 revenue of $242.2 billion. The company is ranked 7th on the 2020 Fortune 500." It is no wonder she spreads disinformation about Medicare for All and supports the "industry written" Obamacare.

  9. here's what's next, degeneracy job losses and corruption with more dictatorial executive orders leading to probably breaking up of the Union

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