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7 thoughts on “Why sur'Kal caused the burn – Star Trek Discovery 3×13 outside

  1. I am just amazed that Bill Irwin, known for being a clown and comedic actor (and for those who watched Sesame Street, Mr. Noodle in the Elmo's World segment) was able to pull off this dramatic role with such gravitas. Just goes to show his range as an actor.

  2. They're making a mistake by serializing these stories. The difference between science fiction and soap operas is the way the story is wrapped up in a single episode. It keeps inconsistencies from turning an entire season into a dumpster fire.

  3. If this had been a different species, maybe an energy-based species, maybe dilithium that had acquired sentience, that would have been so much smarter. Even though its fiction, the story has to make sense within the rules of an alternate universe. This is fantasy. There is no science to it.

  4. I actually dont mind this ending. In everything that we've seen in all trek this isnt that far fetched. I mean wormhole aliens? .. Kirk banging green chicks? The Dr's explanation kinda clears up some but this is also dilithium .. a non existent substance, so they can make up whatever they want about it.

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