Why is UK death rate among highest in world? – BBC News

Why have there been greater than 100000 Covid deaths within the UK – probably the most in Europe – and among the many highest on this planet? The coronavirus was first detected in …

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28 thoughts on “Why is UK death rate among highest in world? – BBC News

  1. if I were British I would pay money to invite VU DAMAM Vietnam's deputy prime minister to UK to help UK government and people escape this covid pandemic

  2. So you think that vaccine is dangerous , just spare a thought of all that shit they inject into our cows, OH YES, you've been conned for years people. Will you be next on the cancer list ????

  3. Atually the UK is NOT among the highest death rates. ALL of it is nothing but scare mongering.
    The BBC themselves say "People who died after testing positive." They NEVER say 'People who have died OF Covid.' There is a complete difference.
    1. Person who died after testing positive was run over and killed by banging their head on a curb. This person is added to the Covid deaths.
    2. Person who has died OF Covid actually died of the virus itself. This person is added to the Covid deaths.
    This is a total of TWO Covid deaths.

    This is nothing pure scare mongering and NEEDS to STOP!!!!!!!!!!

    I was walking down a street and an old woman (believing all this rubbish) pushed her four-wheel trolley on the grass. She nearly fell over when the trolley hit a raised sink to try and get away to 'protect' herself from the stupid virus.

    I was going to cross a road with someone else and two people actually stood in middle of the road just to wait for us to cross.

    I still keep remembering about when Boris Johnson got Covid-19. He was really bad, looked really bad and was in hospital. Once he got out of hospital he wanted all schools to open as normal. All I can say from this is that Boris Johnson indirectly admitted the virus DOES NOT exist. Boris also seriously over axaggerated Covid problems right at the astart to get laws and restrictions passed as quick as he could. Other world leaders also tried scare mongering because they had nothing to say about the virus, so they made it sound worse than it is.

    And why are people REALLy staying at home?

    Right at the start it was "Stay at home to protect YOURSELF."
    Within two weeks this changed to, and stayed as, "Stay at home and protect the NHS.
    So all this staying at home, self isoloation, restrictions and all the rest of it is not about protecting YOU! It's ALL about protecting one single company, the NHS.

    Even one woman tested NEGATIVE three times then died was added to the Covid deaths. Ia m literally more than sick of hearing about this fake virus. The BBC are obssessed with it. About 95% of their news is about Covid-19. Even adding one and a half hour specials about it all the time.

  4. Yeah so I am on the road a lot and see many Ambulances parked up having macdonalds ???????? who the hell are you kidding…..scare mongering BBC do it again…..Disgusting

  5. The world's most useless scientists and nonsense experts are based in the UK. Also, the majority of inexperienced doctors and staff are from abroad. That is why the death toll is rising in UK.

  6. All countries that have a high flu vaccine coverage among elderly have high death toll for covid. Virus interference. Finland fortifies food with vitamin D. Norway likes cod liver oil. UK has poor sun high vit D deficiency and obsession with money and vaccine as a solution to everything

  7. I believe it will take maybe a decade for this to be controlled & the losses will be huge..
    Lockdowns ongoing, ongoing..
    The health issues with people being indoors most hours of the day, gaining weight, no regular excersise, not seeing Dr's & Dentists for normal checkups also causing health issues.
    The financial strains for most people & Government Benefits system, scary contributing problems we are all facing.
    Man made Virus?

  8. Very simple. Any body with eyes can see the commonalities of those four leaders: TRUMP, Modi, Boris Johnson and boloraso.

  9. 3:00 not making it clear that this also includes stopping people from INSIDE the country going on holiday and then bringing the virus HOME with them.

    its easy to just say "lets ban foreigners" but you have to also be willing to not go on holiday! which these morons are not.

  10. UK didn’t control the borders but then they are not controlled with or without a pandemic.
    Australia has responded well.
    The UK has turned into a joke.

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