Why Aren’t The Police Arresting Capitol Protesters? | NBC News

Protesters went into the Capitol constructing, broken property, and violated a lot of federal legal guidelines. However why are the police not making arrests? NBC Information’ Pete …

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26 thoughts on “Why Aren’t The Police Arresting Capitol Protesters? | NBC News

  1. all mainstream medias are controlled by Democrats. sad to see Trump can't make a voice. the world needs to hear more Trump voice.

  2. The big question is why did the police open the gates and let them walk in? And why isn’t the news or politicians talking about this?

  3. No arrests is by design. If law enforcement which is public knowledge via an FBI heavily redacted report ordered by congress on nazi infiltration white nationalist openly recruited US police and military it's obvious this was inside job involving law enforcement. Hitech and capitol hill 📱 towers has digital footprint of every one with a 📱 who were in halls of congress.

  4. His stuttering doesn’t add up with his answer this was completely crazy if they were black people no one would’ve had a second thought of firing a gun

  5. I think that the police were given specific orders to not interrupt the protesters, so these people will look more aggressive by messing the Capitol. Haven let the BLM protest in the Capitol, it would have been similar damage

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