Who Team In Wuhan Discusses Investigation Into Covid Origin | NBC Nightly News

One member of the World Well being Group’s group tells NBC Information’ Keir Simmons that China has equipped them with information not beforehand made public.

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33 thoughts on “Who Team In Wuhan Discusses Investigation Into Covid Origin | NBC Nightly News

  1. To the all hacker that watch this message. Leak all the information about covid 19 to the internet that the goverment want to cover up. You all GOD of internet.

  2. Why did the Chinese government treat the doctors, who first sounded virus alarms, so badly? They should've been treated like heros; particularly if the virus came from outside of their country.

  3. Obviously, US and its allies are biased, politicize, and playing blame game. Shame on US, the so called powerful country but acting so weak and so coward.

  4. They need to look into who visited the military games in wuhan yep the US military who came directly from the fort detrick biological research facility operated by the US army that was apparently shut down in a panic by the cdc in late 2019 because of multiple bio containment breaches and an apparent virus leak due to a dysfunctional waste water decontamination system leaking water that they noted was only within the facility.

  5. US open investigation of criminal Barack Hussein Obama !

    obama was

    https://youtu.be/rqiLixVWPBE via @YouTube

    버락 후세인 오바마의 충격적인 과거

    미국은 범죄자인 버락 후세인 오바마를 공개 수사를 하여라

    This is retaliation between Hillary and House Speaker Palosi for Trump.

    It's a retaliation for Trump's saying four years ago that he's imprisoning Hillary. Trump had to imprison Hillary at my command. But he did not work. It is Trump's mistake not to follow GOD's orders.

    Biden's vice president, Harris, used the phrase'I have a dream' (Martin Luther King) in the Democratic Party's primary. And she is the one who said she would make that dream come true.

    When I said that Obama had already been president for eight years and that Obama did nothing for the black man, she didn't speak any more. Harris is not black. She is Indian and Indonesian.

    But Obama put Harris next to Biden and she became Vice President. The United States must now obey the orders of mixed-race children in India and Indonesia.

    이것은 힐러리와 하원의장인 팰로시에 보복이다.

    트럼프가 힐러리를 구속을 시킨다고 4년전부터 말을 한 것에 대한 보복인 것이다. 트럼프는 나의 명령대로 힐러리를 구속을 시켜야만 했다. 신의 명령을 따르지 않은 것이 트럼프의 실수이다. 바이든의 부통령인 해리스는 민주당의 경선에서 '나에게는 꿈이 있다'는말을 이용을 하여서 자신이 그 꿈을 이루겠다고 말을 한 사람이다. 이미 오바마가 8년동안 대통령을 했고 오바마가 흑인을 위해서 한 것이 아무것도 없다고 내가 말을 하자 그는 더 이상 말을 하지 않았다. 해리스는 흑인이 아니다. 인도와 인도네시아인이다.

    그러나 오바마가 해리스를 바이든의 옆에 있게 하여서 부통령이 된 것이다. 미국은 이제 인도와 인도네시아의 혼혈아의 명령을 따라야 한다.

  6. If no question is off limits how about asking for the original report that a ccp committee conducted and gave to Pres. Xi.

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    Sen. Moran Delivers Opening Remarks Regarding COVID-19 Impact on Live Event Entertainment Industry

  8. Seriously….. they're LIARS……NEVER trust the CCP…..they should be held accountable and the Tethros …he helped them covervup

  9. WHO is sold out to CCP. They repeated their propaganda, which is what caused it to spread here in the first place. We're going to trust the WHO?

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