White House Holds Press Conference After Day Of Riots At Capitol | NBC News

Watch reside protection as White Home Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing. » Subscribe to NBC Information: …

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32 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Conference After Day Of Riots At Capitol | NBC News

  1. She is a bag of hot air. Her boss is a traitor. If i recall, I will never lie to you. Right, one more enabler should see the inside of a jail cell.


  3. So, on ALL of YouTube, THIS is as close as we come now (two days old, yet) to any sort of governmental statement concerning the DC Militia Riot. Seems Trump is Out to Lunch but good…

    Here is an important point by Michael Moore (it's not over). Skip to the last quarter of it, to find a flyer that was found on a wall along the ATTACK route…


  4. ,,,ain't she funny….make no mistake, what we saw and heard from you in the last year, you deserve doin'time "lady"

  5. In all this I don't understand why as much as trump wanted walls put up at the borders why didn't he use that money to put walls at the white house to protect it it's sad that in all the years never did the white house have to worry about better security but what's sad is the evil one is inside the white house so why not get rid of him now not the 20th and sad them walls will be built to keep him and his army away. trump you will have your wall built but for you not to be able to ever come in the white house never again. Everything you were against is coming back to you trump.

  6. What's wild is SHE would have liberated herself and gave her career a REBIRTH had she TORN up that BS statement and walked off the set while saying she can't do this…BUT INSTEAD…she clings to white Supremacy thinking it'll still pay off in the end. It's amazing to see.

  7. My hair and makeup artist quit! I will NEVER work again! I'm sick of Trump hitting on me! My life is over! Then she ran off just like her boss did on the rioters. "I will be there with you." Chump said at rallies!

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