White House Holds Press Briefing: January 27 | NBC News

Watch as White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing with Particular Presidential Envoy for Local weather John Kerry and Nationwide Local weather Advisor …

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37 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Briefing: January 27 | NBC News

  1. Sounds like this administration has unlimited time in their plans, the Presidency is only 4 years. Two more Presidential elections prior to UN2030.

  2. Climate change is purposely melting ice in the Arctic by China & Russia for the new Northern Shipping Passage, no?
    Climate manipulation with geoengineering & spraying Alumina, Barium, etc. into the atmosphere. Including X-raying from space.
    The immense wireless electromagnetic systemic energy transmissions from space & through cell towers, etc.
    China was hoarding water in three gorge dam, no? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Gorges_Dam

  3. HA, Youtube is at it again. Removing the overwhelming amount of "dislikes", from anything and everything Biden. They can manipulate what we see here but, the majority of Americans will let them know how they feel and already are doing so. What a devious and spineless group of people liberals/democrats are.

  4. \\ YOUR LIFE DILEMMA TODAY? #2//// May escape corona-variants, say, by Simple-Diet-in-Stand-Alone-House-Garden, or by Health-Tourism/Immigration to a Simple-Diet-GROUP-A-Nation characterized by drastically low CORONA-PANDEMIC, some are grand islands or places: \\ 2 scientific methods, reported from 2 groups of nations listed below, indicate high CORONA-CONTROL in GROUP A, which, unlike Group B, is characterized by simple diet: ///// Method (1): % Fatalities of diagnosed in GROUP A reported on Feb2/2021 by: \\ Sngpr0.05 FaroId.15 Qatr.16 StVnc.22 Dubai.28 Mldvs.32 Mlas.35 Bhrn.36 Syscl.41 Tlnd.43 Curc.46 Iclnd.48 CayId.50 Kwt.58 Cyp.65 Mrtnq.70 Bora-Bora/FrPl.73 Isr.74 Npl.75 Cub.78 Arba.84 Twn.87 Brt-Il.88 brb.90 Vnz.94 Mzmbq.96 StMrt.97 //// GROUP B: Grmn2.62 NL1.43 U.S.1.69 Brz2.44 Fr2.39 Sp2.06 AU3.15 Cnd2.57 UK2.77 Swd2.04 Sws1.80 Fin1.49 Grc3.70 Chn5.17 Irn4.07 Itl3.47 Mxc8.51 \\ US EARLIER Oct 22 2.75; Feb 2 1.69 //// Method (2): COVID Deaths/1M JAN 26 v Feb 2 Blg 1,822-1,849 UK 1570-1,603 Itl 1,421-1,470 Hng 1,231-1,288 SP 1,2O3-1,264 Fr 1,097-1,142 Sws 1,097-1,110 Prtg 1,043-1,241; We r what we eat, differing by DNA-DIET \\ daily reported from listed nations to JHU, WHO, etc. ['in', U-Tube, 10M-PLUS REFERENCES, Google].///

  5. USA should militarily involve itself in "Human Rights violations in Baluchistan" and help it get independence !
    1 It will get them openhearted support of the Baluchis.
    2 Get easy and free access to Afghanistan to fight terrorist.
    3. Get a foothold on firm ground against Iran
    4. Get China out of Gwadar ,stop looting of resources. They too support Taliban.
    5. Maintain an unhindered vigil on the Persian gulf
    6. Keep the terrorist safe-heaven (Pakistan) under pressure. This is the head of the 🐍 …and it's tail is in Afghanistan.

  6. "CIRCLE BACK" now has a new meaning: White House communications staff have recently requested questions be given to Psaki BEFORE a press briefing takes place. While we already know that MSM is biased toward a democratic Biden WH, this really takes the term 'collusion' (oh sorry, should it be 'collaboration') to a whole new, unprecedented level

  7. Its been under control of the military on January 25 2020 i saw the papper on telegram lin wood and the other people have it

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