White House Holds Press Briefing: January 26 | NBC News

Watch as White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing with Home Coverage Advisor Susan Rice. » Subscribe to NBC Information: …

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49 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Briefing: January 26 | NBC News

  1. I see they did a switchero again on the like dislike ratio, many likes added when just a short time ago the dislikes were more than double. Guess they felt some likes were needed. No one is fooled but nice try.

  2. …with liberty and justice for all.*
    (*offer excludes victims of the pardoned, some restrictions apply, see lawyers for details)

  3. I have some very important information about climate change. i won't say if I agree with the new administration policy or not , my only intention is that everyone deserves to know the truth . The following links are too some undeniable credible sources. The first is from the National Science Foundation and is a report made for the NSF on recommendations and capabilities of controlling the weather and climate done by which goverment agencies and universities listing the names of thosr who had originally particIpated in this report. What is truly unique about this report is it is made by those who are responsible for doing it and what they thought about while doing it and what their intentions were and what they see for the future . Yes climate change is man made but they are not telling you that it is also intentional . It's all about controlling the water and consistency as well as economics.

  4. American's of color are being infected by and dying from….democrat policy over the last 80 years. The inequality is cause from democrat policy. Basically all inequalities in America are cause by Governments attempts to "fix" inequalities, making them 10x worse than before they intervened. I wish people would wake up!

  5. Thanks NBC for f'ing up our country… You refused to run as a news organization and are now shill for the Democrats… I hope you know that the first people cleared out during a one party dictatorships are the journalists. First ones! You'll be pleading with them… please don't shoot, we support you.. Look at history you idiots and how communists(one party rulers) clean house.

  6. No live chat with the leftist in power, coronavirus disappeared, no hourly death tolls on CNN. Call me shocked by leftist propaganda.

  7. Don’t these frauds have bigger work to do than impeachment? There is a pandemic out there. And rampant racism. People are dying.

  8. Group, groups and groups. How about seeing people as individuals responsible for their own choices and their own lives? This is all very patronizing.

  9. All those “groups” have equal opportunities these days. Even more so in some cases. Put a minority status on a college application… and you’re in. And If you want equal treatment for elementary and high-school, give minorities school vouchers.

  10. The microphone is a virus spreader, please use your mask when speaking or have many microphones for as much speakers as possible.I studied microbes in college

  11. Ok Susan. This is a good start. Now I like the decrease in by child poverty by 50% and overall poverty by 30%. First up! Trick question: how do you solve hunger? Answer: You feed the people. That’s easy given that there’s no shortage of food. There’s just a shortage of the political will to feed everyone in the country for no more profit than is required to run the business and provide a generous living wage for the worker. And that’s how you solve not only hunger but poverty in your country!

  12. The US political system is based on slavery.
    It does not matter what mule kills this cart.
    The ruling regime in the United States uses the resources of this country for several families who are connected to Zionism.
    The United States has become a colony of Zionism.
    Democracy and freedom are a toy in this system of government..

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