White House Holds Press Briefing: January 25 | NBC News

Watch dwell protection as White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing. » Subscribe to NBC Information: » Watch …

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39 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Briefing: January 25 | NBC News

  1. This lady is really not very qualified to be in this position. Really kind of lame at communicating and being knowledgeable and prepared!

  2. Fake news, fake election, fake president real Marxism real hypocrisy real dementia real China corruption I'm guessing unlike the last gorgeous and brilliant press secretary, the liberals will love this one because they're hypocritical tyrranical Marxists.

  3. Her prepareness is right on Q, for questions. Where are the vultures with unplanned questions. Issues like taking jobs away by shutting down the pie line. And the Wall to open it up to who ever.

  4. More Inclusive….hahaa…
    Unless…of course…You happen to be an XL pipeline worker…You fork-tongued…red headed demon.

  5. Senior citizens need stimulus now! He new everyone while he was running and now that he’s in he’s going back on his promises early can’t wait to see the bull for the next 4 years

  6. Sorry transparency. And honesty doesn't exist in the government anymore. Force feeding a vaccination for a fake skam dimick is a fallacy. Nothing, but lies. God Bless America and God bless our Republic if there's anything left of it.

  7. If Trump had banned flights from South Africa the Press would have called it Racist and there would have been leftist riots in the streets.

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