White House Holds Press Briefing: February 3 | NBC News

Watch as White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing. » Subscribe to NBC Information: » Watch extra NBC video: …

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36 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Briefing: February 3 | NBC News

  1. Oh oh…, first look at me …taking off the mask… Ok… then, then… my fake smile. Good afternoo–n (that tone again and again)…

  2. no wonder nothing ever gets done. they like to play officials all grown up while playing word games and communicating nothing…..

  3. Shot in Culver City California at castle rock studios aka Amazon studio. Go check it out. Replica White House. It’s all being shot there. Burn Hollywood and all media to ashes.

  4. Can one of your “reporters” ask this chick why the White House is so afraid of letting Americans comment on their YouTube videos? Don’t we have the right to let them know what we think both good and bad?

  5. Those who have consent of the governed do not need militarized barriers on their own soil…Video of suitcases stuffed full of ballots.
    Stacey Abrams’s own sister presided over the GA hearing (clear conflict of interest).
    Republican poll watchers were kept several dozen feet away from ballots they were supposed to be verifying. Ballot dumps exceeded throughput capacity of counting machines. Blue county voters were extended courtesies not offered to red county voters. States legislated from the bench, which is unconstitutional. You were told these cases were all dismissed. That is an intentional half truth on the part of a guileful media complex. No case was EVER dismissed on merit, only on ‘standing’ or procedural technicality. Biden is an illegitimate president. The cases never saw an actual court of record. Biden is also on video tape bragging about quid pro quo with Ukraine. Hunter Biden was placed on the board of Burisma to allow our tax money to be laundered back to the big guy. What is on Hunter’s laptop?

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