White House Holds Press Briefing: February 2 | NBC News

Watch as White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing. » Subscribe to NBC Information: » Watch extra NBC video: …

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28 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Briefing: February 2 | NBC News

  1. This is soo comforting. A press secretary that doesn’t flee, not talking nonsense, no lies; a briefing that ends after all question has been answered.

  2. Where are all the lies? Oh–, where did they go? Aren't there any left? This is boring!
    And the meanness, and " smart talks"
    Where did they all go? Call Sarah and Kayleigh. They might help. 😄

  3. Are the Republicans aware that people are starving & losing their homes. Democrats, we voted for you, push it through.

  4. “Incredible”a mature intelligent honest person !! I’m listening to the daily briefings “daily”. She has become oxygen for me to get through this suffocating depressing nightmare of socio political BS !!! I feel hope that there are brighter better days ahead. Thank you 🙏
    “seriously” thank you 🙏

  5. Very soft on Putin. No direct statement from president, be it Trump of Biden. What Blinken says – Putin will never listen to what he says, Blinken is very soft on everything. So far Putin is very glad to have this administartion, on every issue

  6. Biden Team is in discussion forever while people are starving and becoming homeless on a every second basis! Suffering is never ending under any politicians! People need to stop getting excited for choosing any politicians! Kamala is out of picture already as soon as they got all the votes! Daily New face to fool us forever, and get trillions in taxes on a daily basis! Homeless is still homeless, poor is still poor, deeply wounded and dragging to survive! Where is the justice!?

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  8. She's not as likeable as McEnany* was but she can read through a page well. When I read I usually get lost in thought part way through and have to circle back.

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