White House Holds Press Briefing: February 11 | NBC News

Watch as White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing. » Subscribe to NBC Information: » Watch extra NBC video: …

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25 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Briefing: February 11 | NBC News

  1. Our schools already open just 4 days out the week and home school every Wednesday. Just so that the schools can get clean for the students.

  2. Only in America can you be found NOT GUILTY and still have some old crazy lady in the White House tell the world you are. She proved that the White House does not care about right amd wrong. Again. #nancymustgo the world is laughing

  3. Woe woe woe to the 3 countries coming against this country, God stands with legions that will protect us from the coming tri ATTACK on our soil. Look up George Washington's vision. YOU WILL FAIL.

  4. We know who actually won. These are liars, cheats, and hypocrites! It didn't take Trump for me to see the truth, I saw it for myself! The huge enthusiasm gap, all the sworn affidavits, and seeing the data during the public hearings have convinced me!

  5. Can Orange women speak on her own? Always looking down reading! Who writes for her? Maybe someone could circle back with that.

  6. Can somebody to us not Americans please explain who put again this dusguasying person again as spokeswoman? Amazing… You have lost your mind

  7. Paul Churchill, kerri use to work for him in bozeman, I pod cast and other buisemesses and she is trying to set him up too, she even stole credit card numbers too put them on netspend cards

  8. They go behind me and say im 9n drugs and im lying and they the ones who say it and recorded all the crimes, kerri lynn smith is one of them and she is in Utah at Colleen hilts house, I've been sober for 2 years or more

  9. If I have gangs handle the ground the cops better stay out if it, oh thats right their torturing people wither too, not all of them either just like the people in bozeman are not all like the ones in the sickevilkillingcult

  10. Im the one who is creating a lot of factory jobs worldwide with my ideas/inventions 632 of them and theories including quantum time warping and to release oxygen in the atmosphere to save our ozone layer the hemisphere, in fact your wife says my name jamisonallan smith aka INFRARED

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