Lifeless Island 2 is likely one of the most anticipated video games of this decate. Because it’s debut trailer at E3 2014 nothing has been confirmed about it.As time handed by, …

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32 thoughts on “Where is Dead Island 2 ?

  1. Fuck dead island 2, they let us wait to long, dying light is actually much better! And DL2 is coming soon so gtfo with your dead island 2 🙂

  2. i heard its coming out at the end of this year thats 5 years after the e3 trailer but i turn 18 in may so when i asked games stop when dead island 2 comes out they said 12/31/2019 so basically at the begginning of 2020 but still i hope not but if thats the case then i guess ill just have to wait

  3. i loved dead island1.the atmosphere was really great i can remamber when you come frome the beach to the rainy old town city with the old church.really great game but i dont thing dead island 2 realeased.

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