What's Wrong With The Discovery 3 & Should You Buy One?

On this video, we talk about the highest 10 issues, oddities, and reliability points with the Land Rover Discovery 3, and contemplate different choices similar to Jeep Wrangler …

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31 thoughts on “What's Wrong With The Discovery 3 & Should You Buy One?

  1. If you didn’t have 17’s you could of upgraded the brakes to the v8 size. I’ve done that on both my D3’s. As like you say the brakes just aren’t man enough for the weight of the Vehicle. Good video though. Standard wheel nuts are annoying as f***

  2. I have owned my LR3 (what the are called here in the US) for too many years. I guess I love taking the beating from the Rover dealership where it is today for a wet passenger floor and and inner and outer tie rod ends. The drains for the sunroof are a common fault on the LR3; they clog and dry rot. The dealer is quoting nearly $1,400 to replace both of the A pillar drains which requires dropping the headliner – I will decline that $ervice for now. Chicago roads and weather is not kind to the LR3. This is our weekend warrior so it isn't a daily driver but the kids love the 3 sunroofs and the large windows. My other 3 vehicles are all German and maintenance that isn't covered by the warranty is less than half what Land Rover charges for the same repair/service. The only vehicle I have owned that was worse than this beast was my 2013 LR4. Two timing chains, two chain guides and 3 water pumps replaced in less than 50,000 miles. The second time was no longer under warranty so it came with a hefty $8,500 bill. Then 13K miles later a cylinder head fails, engine was toast at 61,000 miles. I have now read this is common on the 5.0L V8 LR4. I have done the math, it is a wiser and more cost effective decision to purchase a newer Discovery (pre-owner) CPO with extended warranty than an LR3 or LR4. When the warranty expires get rid of it.

  3. The problem with the old Defender, the Jeep Wrangler and the Land Cruiser (which is a Prado everywhere else in the world where they sell the proper Land Cruiser), is that they're still fitted with solid axles – at least in the rear, and that means appalling on-road ability. If you're really that much into off-roading, and don't use it much for on-road, then you might as well go for the Discovery II. The benefit of the Disco 4 over the Disco 3 is mostly the engine. That 3-litre twin-turbo V6 is far superior to the old 2.7-litre in the Disco 3, both in power and torque, but again, if you're only really using it for off-road, then the Disco 3 is adequate enough. Lastly, the Ford/Land Rover petrol V8 does suffer from timing chain wear issues, and it's more likely to occur in that engine than a broken crankshaft on the TDV6, from what I've heard.

  4. My discovery 3 love it had it 9 years it’s bottom of the range gs manual gearbox only thing iv had to do is egr up grade intercooler hose and don’t let anyone service it do it all my self + plus oil and filter every 4 thousand miles or twice a year still drives like new did cam belt for £210 last March inc fan belt oil pump and all new pulley s 👍 I even do the tracking on my drive myself I hate other people working on my cars

  5. You hit the nail right on the head, especially the hand break . I hate that thing , what poor design! Having an older Land Rover myself, I figured that I spent already too much money to get it all sorted out, and as the divorce lawyers say…, "it's cheaper to keep her". She still turns heads and i'm still in love! Cheers from Canada 🙂

  6. Good overview thanks! Had my 2007 D3 SE for 3 years now and love it – so far had 3 x rear brake callipers that have stuck on, water pump, alternator, water manifold, EGR vales x 3 (removed and mapped) – for common issues I'd add in the float valve in the coolant bottle becoming porous (had that) and also more importantly the glow plugs on the diesel – all 6 gone on mine and haven't got the nerve to change them incase they break in the block, I've fitted a BAS FBH controller instead that gives me pre-heat function now, just need to remember to turn it on! Daily driver that I also use for mild off-road – for anything serious I've got an old Jimny

  7. I owned a D3 for 3yrs and it was a money pit. Great while it was working but everything that went wrong with it seemed to cost a fortune. Handbrake failure x2 , one hub replaced, calliper issues, suspension issues, bushes, radio switches falling off etc and I’ve never had a car go through as many bulbs in my life. Sold it with 57k on the clock.

  8. Dont understand why you wouldn't change for a D4? Vastly better performance, brakes, handling and reliability. Had a 2014 From new. Totally awesome 😁

  9. For last 40 years I've owned 17 cars, 4 of them – Discovery – 200tdi, Disco3, 300tdi and again Disco 3. Disco is my absolutely favorite for off road adventures. I use it mainly for aproach to paraglading take off places, mounteen bike. etc Ten years ago, after my first D3 I bought a litle japan offroad machine – absolutely loss of time, quality and money.
    I havn't any big reasons to be disapointed of my Discovery 3 (2008 HSE). This days I fitted to him new excellent tires – 255/55R19 GOODYEAR WRANGLER DURATRAC 111Q. Till now I've drived Pirelli Scorpion winter.
    I have onother one favorite car – my Opel Ampera – fantastic electric experience. I reccomend it to try too.

  10. In regards to your alternative vehicle recommendations at the end of this video- If anyone is thinking about getting a Disco 2, go watch the crash test footage of them and come back here and tell me with a straight face you still want one 🤣🤣

  11. Loving the videos, great information. I would love to see a review of the tires in snow conditions. I love the look but I don't go mudding. Keep em coming.

  12. The windscreen washer is a real problem! I had a MOT test failed because he didn’t know how to work them. Was quite satisfying tho when I showed him them working 😝

  13. I’ve owned a D3 for five years and agree with the points in this review , I just wish the components and build quality was as good as a Volvo.

  14. I'm in the states and I have a 2008 D3 V8 SE. JLR never offered the diesel engines here. I agree with the breaking issues I always thought they were just to spongy for such a heavy truck. That's why I put on a set of cross drilled and slotted rotors front and rear and stainless steel hoses all around. Big difference believe me. I purchased the kit from a company in the UK it's called POWERFULUK.COM. They have a upgrade kit for D3 diesel owners to the bigger petrol D3 bigger rotors.

  15. I just updated the wiper and indicator stalks to Discovery 4 ones. The washer for the windscreen now works when you pull the lever and rear washer works with the button 😀

  16. Thank you for this video. Is Lpg available in the UK? When yes a discovery 4 on Lpg is a option. I drive the disco 3 V8 on lpg in holland. Lpg is cheap. And the V8 is much reliable then the diesel. I'm curious what you think of Xlifter. I've had it on my Discovery 3 for about 1 month now. You have a lot more options than standard, and certainly better than elevation Johnson Rods. ATB Raymond

  17. I thought the 2.7 didn't suffer from crank failure, just the 3.0. the 2.7 2006 to 2009 has oil pump problems.

    We have a 2004 discovery 3 2.7 se it's in the low tax bracket. Biggest concern is the rusty sills!

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