What's Next for Roblox Islands after the XP Update and Partial Wipe?

Trying on the aftermath of shops and the financial system from the large knowledge reset and the brand new replace in Islands. Exhibiting you some knowledge on how the sport is …

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46 thoughts on “What's Next for Roblox Islands after the XP Update and Partial Wipe?

  1. Good idea for islands but I had to quit due to my island was broken stuck on the loading screen so I had to quit I reset but I just can’t play the game anymore kinda got burnt out

  2. Man i have 1489 vending machine and now i cant use it only in level 30 and i was have 98B and now i have 3m only thats i hated and stupid update

  3. I think birds and other spawning islands (not knowing the technical name, I'm describing the islands like the one with the portal on and the one where your spawn is, maybe the resource deposit islands, but more importantly the 'spawning islands').

  4. I quit islands and u all probably did, DV u shouldn’t try to save islands, the devs are selfish cuz they reset everyone except for them

  5. I have wanted this for a long time I want like a feature that you could put like a item so when ur buying something for this item the person puts in vending and if you have the item it gets taken away from you in cus u bought it. so much easier

  6. the only people who are really pissed are the scammers because all that hard work of stealing did not pay off so now they are back in numbers trying to scam again so watch your stuff now and don't give build to random people that is a noob move! 🙂

  7. I think should add more islands and more mobs and maybe some bosses like the witch update. Also add water to make your own lakes instead of combinations of blue glass and light.

  8. I remember that I kind of quit islands because of duping it became boring and hard to catch up to duppers. Now it’s more fun to play so I am playing more! 😀

  9. Being in a community like this (or with other youtubers) helps in understanding what happened with the update and why. I have friends that were unaware about the dupping and economy problem, so for them the wipe came from nowhere.

  10. I have no clue what update your talking bout because I haven’t played roblox a while
    And if I want to be the best player I build up my base bc I really like pretty base
    I have lost 200mil and I lost 30 tidals and 20 spellbook and a lot of weapons this Is so triggering

  11. If you are an islands og like me then you understand what islands is trying to and if you are not a islands og than I will tell you what islands is trying to do: way back in the day islands was about grinding and building and having fun and doing something but when duping happened every one was buying and selling ever since then all they wanted was coins but with this update they are now building and grinding and bringing islands back.

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