What's New At Universal Islands Of Adventure! | VelociCoaster Testing, Mythos Lunch & Legacy Store!

In in the present day’s vlog we head to Common Islands of Journey to see what’s new across the park this week! We bought to see the all new VelociCoaster testing a bunch …

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44 thoughts on “What's New At Universal Islands Of Adventure! | VelociCoaster Testing, Mythos Lunch & Legacy Store!

  1. Oh my that coaster looks so amazing and how long you stay upside down for 😄😄
    Makes a note to one's self ride before eating 👍 oh can not wait for the next home vlog see Jackson in is new minion outfit 👍💙

  2. Great video! I loved your footage of the new Velocicoaster! My brothers and I are going to Islands of Adventure June 8th, 2021! I hope it'll be open by then! I hope the park capacity issue that you've been having the last couple of days won't be a problem for us in June even though I know the summer months can get really busy. We already have park tickets for all three parks for Universal. Is the capacity thing an issue if you already have tickets?

  3. Isn’t the “new” location where the universal studios store used to be a few years back? (Before they downsized and moved it to what is now the Universal Legacy store?)

  4. Would love a in depth video showing all of the merch inside the Universal Store now that it’s open!!!! Heard there is a lot of Harry Potter stuff!

  5. Hi guys. Been watching your videos since 2018 as we went to Disney from South Africa in May 2018 and again in Dec 2018 so used your videos for much research. I know this is nit picking x 10 million so forgive me 🙂 Gargoyles are decorative features that are used to carry away water from buildings. (They have water coming out of their mouths) The purely decorative ones are called 'Grotesques' Much love and thanks from South Africa.. Simon

  6. btw, y’all went to Universal on Fred and George Weasley’s birthday! perfect opportunity to check out Weasley’s Wizard’s Wheezes just for the twins!!!!

  7. My aunt lived with the guy who played the little boy in et. She was working at an animation studio at the time

  8. The Dr. SUESS Pass-through is so if the parks are at Capacity, you don't get kicked out if you leave one park to go to the other…once you leave you leave.

  9. If you happen to play roblox you can go on the official universal game and it's open in the game and you can ride the actual ride so you can get a glimpse of what it looks like.

  10. Serious question I have been wondering forever: Jenn- how do you wear sandals in the parks? My feet kill, even in the most comfortable sneakers! I don’t know how you do it!

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