What will Cuba’s new single currency mean for the island?

The Cuban authorities formally ended its twin foreign money system on Friday, devaluing its peso for the primary time because the 1959 revolution that swept the late Fidel …

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22 thoughts on “What will Cuba’s new single currency mean for the island?

  1. I am Cuban, nobody knows the reality better than a Cuban, the embargo if we need it, the communists have to eliminate them and disappear them from the planet, did you know that in Cuba it is illegal to fish, in Cuba it is illegal to have a cow and kill it, in Cuba they do not allow you have crops and sell them to the people everything has to be controlled by the PCC the embargo is internal the PCC against its own people

  2. the embargo is needed by the communist regime controls everything nobody in Cuba owns anything only the castros, we live under a similar regime or like the Nazis .. but if you don't believe me come live with us, you will see the murderous communist reality

  3. Cuba let USSR put missiles there, 70 years later, the innocent Cuban people are still paying for it, all thanks to the USA.

  4. Come-on Aljazeera really “what will Cuba new single currency mean” are you guys serious about this question?
    “Cuba new single currency mean currency” whether you like it or not it mean currency. So stop discrediting Cuba in everything, can you guys say one positive thing about Cuba one day for the sake of 2021. 🤔

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