What we know about Trump’s possible second impeachment

Lower than two weeks earlier than President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, Home Democrats plan to begin the impeachment of President Trump for a …

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47 thoughts on “What we know about Trump’s possible second impeachment

  1. The insurrection act has been activated now all the crooked Democrats and the rest of the crooked politicians around the country are very very screwed😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  2. Trump is going to hold a massive super-spreader rally in Florida on January 20th, the same day Joe Biden is inaugurated. I guess they're trying to start another civil war. They've made Donald Trump their Führer.

  3. Pelosi has tried a political coup "Let's impeach him because we don't like him and have no proof of a crime!". Then she tried a military coup "Could you not listen to anything the president says?" Pentagon Representative: " Madam Speaker, what you are asking us at the Pentagon to do amounts to a military coup. We can not do this. He is the President of the United States. There are checks and balances in place, unlike how the Dems removed them from the senate when Obama was in office." And now once again, she is trying to push for a political coup. This time it is to prevent Trump from doing something legal that might put the Dems in check and/or to stop Trump from running for office in 2024. If that isn't sedition, I don't know what is. The President of the United States is the established authority. Technically all and/or most of the Democrat party in the house and senate have committed sedition. Let's not forget Russia, Russia, Russia. Might feel like a lot of politicians and the Media have committed it.

    Treason: Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or rebellion against, established authority.

  4. suddenly the violent left is concerned about "riots". too late libs, you should have been worried 7 months ago when your little armies started their non stop rioting. what did you serial liars call them? oh yeah, peaceful protests. well since there wasn't even fires started you must think this was an ultra peaceful protest. sorry, but there are consequences for stealing an election. expect more of the same. deservedly.

  5. Why did u edit the video to stop trumps voice after he said going to march to the capital? Maybe because he said in a peaceful and patriotic way? Major loser you are and the only thing ur going to impeach is trumps balls.

  6. that majority whip is all over the media saying if an impeachment proceeds, biden's 100 days is sort of jeopardized. what brain he has. never mind trumps inciting to sedition?!

  7. Why wait to send tbe articles?! If they can confirm a supreme judge in 8 days surely they(Senate) can have the trial in that much time as well, Mitch McConnell is full of crap

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  9. Трамп, вперёд. Светлые силы, вперёд. Ура!!!Ура!!! Ура!!!
    Слава богам и предкам нашим!

  10. Both sides hate this man because he represents a threat to their corrupt
    self serving ways. Vote them ALL out…both sides of the aisle. The
    vile creatures that inhabit the House and Senate are the real enemy to
    the American People. Purge DC at every opportunity by voting out the
    incumbents. The time is now.

  11. Lets start up the communism now! RIGHT NOW! We need socialism at the least, now that we got rid of that freedom lover trumptard, the right cannot stop us, Lets Rise Comrades!!

  12. It was not lead by Trump supporters, it was lead by Trump himself, starting at his rally. The fucker told the croud that he was going to march with them, and instead he ran to the White House.

  13. Pelosi, Schumer, and all other democratic politicians that incited violence over the past year need to be removed from office and jailed.

  14. Boy we have bottomless pockets when it comes to impeach and everything else under the sun to undermine our President. But it takes us 8 months to come up $600 stimulus. “Well, thats all folks”.

  15. They are scared because he got Pelosi’s laptop and there’s rumors trump just invoked the insurrection act… let’s just hope this doesn’t end in war with China.

  16. He’s NEVER stood behind bullet proof glass…. this is a clear indication he KNEW this crowd was potentially violent.

  17. For the President of the United States, Donald Trump. NOBLE PRICE. On the part of the babies who have survived the bloodthirsty laws for abortion, On the part of the populations subject to the laws of the American invasions; From the populations of the Middle East who rested for 4 years, from 2017 to 2020, From the American and North Korean populations, From Christians who confess Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, The world of the irresolute! !! We give the Nobel Prize to Presidents who sign the bloodthirsty law to sacrifice innocent babies on the altar of abortion. This violence of the private parts of murderers who, after sexual obsessions forming innocent people in their bellies, cut them to pieces with medical pliers, are without trial !! These beings so fragile, helpless. But they do condemn a man who protected these babies for his truths from immortality. Since the American democracy, it is my first time to experience AMERICAN ELECTION EVENINGS, African scenario. In the USA it is election night. A first in 2020 the world holds its breath for days to wait for the results of the presidential elections in the USA. And all this just during the mandate of a man to be slaughtered by the disappointed with abortions, wars in the world and others. And in the face of injustice, academics become illiterate. It only takes a demonstration and death of a man that we sympathize with, for us to cry violence against a man, Donald Trump !!! Americans, wake up. We can criticize, shut down social networks against a man, we will never erase what Trump did in the Middle East, in North Korea in the rest of the world and in the USA. Nobody is perfect. Our tributes Mr. President Donald Trump. You have confessed the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, the world cannot love you. We love you. John 15:19. It is only a mandate that will also pass. OUR MOST DEFERENT TRIBUTES AND MERITS TO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. You are an asset for those who aspire to peace Thank you President Trump From Kinshasa / DRC Micheline Munguba

  18. Pour le .Président des USA, Donald Trump. NOBLE PRIX.
    De la part des bébés rescapés des lois sanguinaires pour l'avortement,
    De la part des populations soumises à des lois des invasions américaines ;
    De la part des populations du moyen orient qui se sont reposées pendant 4 ans, de 2017 à 2020,
    De la part des populations américaines et nord coréennes ,
    De part des chrétiens qui confessent Jésus Christ, le Prince de Paix,

    Le monde des irresolus !!!
    On donne le prix Nobel aux Présidents qui signent la loi sanguinaire pour sacrifier les innocents bébés sur l'autel de l'avortement. Ces violejnces des parties intimes des meurtrières qui, après des obsessions sexuelles formant des innocents dans leurs ventres, les taillent en pièces avec des pinces médicales, sont sans procès!! Ces êtres si fragiles, sans-defense. Mais on condamne un homme qui a protégé ces bébés pour ses vérités contre l'immortalité.
    Depuis la démocratie américaine c'est ma première fois de vivre DES SOIRÉES ÉLECTORALES AMERICAINES, scénario africain. Aux USA c'est la soirée électorale. Une première en 2020 le monde retient son souffle pendant des jours pour attendre les résultats des élections présidentielles aux USA. Et tout cela juste pendant le mandat d'un homme à abbatre par les déçus des avortements, guerres dans le monde et autres Et devant l'injustice, les universitaires deviennent des illettrés. Il suffit d'une manifestation et mort d'homme que nous compatissons, pour qu'on crie violence, contre un homme, Donald Trump !!! Américains, réveillez-vous.
    On peut beau critiquer, fermer les réseaux sociaux contre un homme., jamais on effacera ce que Trump a fait au Moyen Orient, en Corée du Nord dans le reste du monde et aux USA. Nul n'est parfait. Nos hommages Monsieur le Président Donald Trump. Vous avez confesse le Prince de Paix, Jésus Christ, le monde ne peut pas vous aimer. Nous vous aimons. Jean 15:19. Ce n'est qu'un mandat qui passera aussi.
    NOS HOMMAGES LES PLUS DEFERENTS ET MERITES AU PRÉSIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Vous êtes un atout pour ceux qui aspirent à la paix Merci Président Trump
    Depuis Kinshasa/RDC
    Munguba Micheline

  19. This had 2k downvotes at 10PM when we went to bed. At 5AM it has 8K downvotes. When it was day in China/Russia. HMMMMMM

  20. Let me get this straight, Washington DC mayor is a demobrat, and she didn’t prepare the riot police with this huge of crowd????? Seems like a set up scenerio to me.

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