What the new Biden administration means for Canada

Joe Biden’s presidency could enhance a battered Canada-U.S. relationship — however the change on the high will not paper over all lingering bilateral considerations.

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22 thoughts on “What the new Biden administration means for Canada

  1. I know what is means. My friends who own summer homes in Canada will have to take a helicopter to go there next summer like all the Canadian snowbirds did this year. I live in Buffalo and the helicopters were nonstop for months. The borders will not be opened. Covid 21 will be rolled out soon. This is going to be so much fun.

  2. It means Joe biden just killed thousands and i mean thousand of construction jobs in just the first day in office. How has he not been taken out yet is beyond me. I guess Americans with guns accepts corruption

  3. Canada will fair way better than the American people. He's already begun the destruction of our country. And he and the demonrats have shown their disdain for our wonderful military yet again. I pray we won't have to wait till he and kameltoe destroy the U.S. completely

  4. The power needed to charge electric cars will come from nuclear and coal fired plants or burning wood chips or trees, how is that any better?

  5. Young people's innovations will spark even more. In 100 years, if humanity survives, oil will be referred to as we referred to coaches with horses.

  6. I think it is time Canada shuts down the export of electricity to the USA, they dont want our oil fine they dont get our power either, lets see how they like the New England states going dark

  7. Biden is going to reverse all Trump policies. Economy doing very well. The border is very secured. Middle east is in peace. China terrify with Trump policies. Is he working for Obama or FOR THE PEOPLE !??.

  8. If the customer changed his mind all of sudden and cancelled the contract, it would be an appropriate action that the customer reimburse the supplier properly based on the aggrement. Especially, in the event that the project is in progress by the demand of the customer.

  9. Seriously? That's how they see and treat equal business relationships? By saying: "We are your customer and customer is always right. And BTW we are your only customer. So, skip the subject". WOOOOOOW! ! ! It's gonna be long 4 years for Canada!

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