What the latest effort to overturn presidential election results says about Republican Party

President Trump tried once more to overturn the state-certified election outcomes over the weekend, when he referred to as Georgia’s Republican secretary of state and requested …

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30 thoughts on “What the latest effort to overturn presidential election results says about Republican Party

  1. The media continues to report on the side of Democrats. It should be so obvious to everyone that there is an UNNATURAL HATE for this President never seen before. What are Democrats so SCARED of and WHY ? Why is investigation so wrong here for Democrats ? Democrats were all for investigation when they alleged crimes against the President. The people must intervene and stop this SUSPICIOUS behavior of DEMOCRATS. . . . ! Do the recount

  2. Says they want a fair election….. democrats aren't for audits or any investigation what are they hiding🤷🤷🤷🤷

  3. There is already a tarnished process doing damage! The Constitution is on Trumps side! The right to due process fair and free elections has been violated!

  4. Traitors don't support Trump and heroes that support Trump! Don't matter what is said fraudulent results confirmation is a crime!

  5. Democrats overturned the election with fraud on nov 3 to current Trump is fighting to remove said fraud and restore the legitimate outcome of election! Stop with the spin !

  6. The Fantasy Party may cause us to enrich the constitution a bit more and fix more loopholes. Some things must completely break in order to rebuild better.

  7. Dangerously unusual! Wow! This is a new description of D.T. Well, shouldn't be surprised or shocked by any new way to describe his behavior.



  9. The nation is too large. Texas, California and Florida should each form new nations with their neighboring states… New England, The Midwest, The Northern Great Plains, Hawaii and Alaska should also be separate and individual nations.

  10. We'll see what happens on Jan 6th. My guess is it will be real circus in the halls of Congress. The Clown in Chief may just go down in flames.

  11. So it’s up to people in Georgia to decide if all of the Divided States receive the much needed help we’ve been needing for the last year… this should be interesting!
    Let’s hope they’re not like the people in Kentucky!! People who voted to keep McConnell in office to make sure only rich people get our tax dollars (even though they’re one of the poorest states that receives the most welfare as a state)!
    I pray folks in Georgia aren’t as evil or stupid as those that elected McConnell and Graham in Kentucky.

  12. These type of new are a disgrace to the freedom of press, why don’t you just change your name to the Democratic Party news channel.

    Nobody likes a sarcastic presenter, DO YOUR JOB CLOWN.

  13. Look around you. If you look at the area's where these people lead. House Speaker has more human feces, homeless and on and on. We our on our own.

  14. People need to quit defending Politicians. Most of you are young and get way to bent out of shape because of media. The left and right do not care about you.

  15. The male correspondent is mostly editorializing and offering very little news content; said presentation needs an initial disclaimer that what follows is opinion only.

  16. The London Virus has cross the Atlantic Ocean and is now in America. Damn London and it’s virus. Somebody tell people from London stop spreading y’all virus in America.

  17. In other words……Trump was only out to win the election and if he hadn't won against either Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or anyone else Trump STILL! would have took and said that the democratic side had took and rigged the election WHEN THEY DIDN'T RIG IT!

  18. He even stated that he was going to "win," BUT! not based on any voting count's! And no matter what! For example: if Bernie Sanders had took and won, then Trump STILL! would have took and said that he HIMSELF! had took and won! Even though Bernie Sanders is an "Independent." And not a, "Democrat."

  19. But no one knew what the election results were going to be so how was it that Trump knew what the election results and the count of the votes were going to be precisely? Hm?!

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