After three episodes of Star Trek Discovery we predict they’re constructing to an enormous reveal and the indicators are exhibiting. This video is our principle of what Star Trek …

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24 thoughts on “What STAR TREK DISCOVERY is ACTUALLY About.

  1. Tried to watch this series. It makes absolutely no sense in the Star Trek Universe. Been watching Star Trek virtually my entire life and this doesn't fit the timeline at all.

  2. Unfortunately, the reality is "Star Trek Michael Burnham, with Michael Burnham as Captain Michael Burnham of the USS Michael Burnham, boldly going where Michael Burnham has never Michael Burnham before"

  3. The tribble was only used the one time while introducing Lorca, serving as a narrative device to sutblty draw parallels between it and Lorca. Specfically that a Tribbles most noteable trait is the ability to mask its true nature and potential danger. Likewise Lorca is a man hiding his true identity throughout the season. When you made this video that wasn't clear yet.

  4. Well it turned out not to be that at all, it just turned into a convoluted mirror universe plot, the first season was all over the place and the fact the main character is boring and unlikable and acted as wooden as 17th century galleon didn't help matters and we've got to put up with her being the focus for another season.
    Let's face it, they went about a new Trek show completely the wrong way, by getting half the JJ crew to produce it, having a load of writers who know 0 about Trek and doing yet another prequel!
    There were so many promises made for the show and it lived up to none of them and now they're going to bastardise Picard as well! RIP Trek!
    Man am I glad Stargate isn't made anymore. Yes, we can forget origins!

  5. One thing I've noticed (besides the point made in 4:30) is that everyone's voice in the series has the same treble/clef after tone. Regardless of Mirror and primary universe, human or non-human; each character while talking has this certain ringing or bass sound accompanied with their speech. I cannot be the only one who heard this subtle "echo". Maybe it's a result of the stereo or hi-def of CBS Access, but I find it curious, especially when listening with earphones.

  6. Thats how it started, keeping the secret of mirror universe and the fact that there are people in Starfleet that is from mirror universe not to mention the banned technology of spore drive which is very much ahead of time.

  7. Ok, USS Discovery is a black ops ship, I am fine with this setting, actually I think that’s pretty cool, but the biggest thing l don’t like is they make Starfleet suck at war, it looks like Discovery is the only ship fighting a war, and the command are bunch of idiots lack strategy mind.

  8. I so wish it is this, it makes too much sense, there continuity its all there, its the best way to explain everything. But i seriously doubt they will do this, the writers of these beloved franchises today have a habit of not doing what actually makes sense.

  9. This series is about one thing only. Making money for CBS. It is not Trek, not about hope, not Gene's dream of a better future for all humanity. The Ferengi have taken over Star Trek and are going to run it into the ground for every last penny they can get. Star Trek is for everyone, not just for those who can pay a premium price to view it. Shame on CBS.

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