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21 thoughts on “What if Godzilla Visited Skull Island?

  1. 0:31 um 2 things

    1) kong doesn't have minions he likes to do things himself

    2) skullcrawlers are his enemies and there are no dinosaurs on skull island in the monsterverse. Also not everything is as big as godzilla meaning they'll get crushed if they pose a threat to him or the national order.

    Also there's a big problem with this whole scenario godzilla doesn't want to disturb the national order meaning as long as long stays on skull island there's no reason for a fight. If this were Toho godzilla maybe but not the monsterverse version. Do your research

  2. But wait a second if kong can be at the same height of Godzilla then why the skull crawlers not be at the same height of Godzilla 😁🤐🤐

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