What if: America's Four Political Parties | Meet The Press | NBC News

American politics is setup to be a two-party system however voters more and more break down extra like a four-party system. If our system of governing was dictated by …

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37 thoughts on “What if: America's Four Political Parties | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. I would love to see 6 – 10 parties who will get voted out a la American Idol style. Why not? Last party standing with the most popular votes wins, no absurd electoral vote nonsense.

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  3. Half the time Chuck is making things up. The real problem there's a severe lack of civic education in the country. The republican base is largely Nativist, here in Florida they voted for trump yet supported a 15 phr minimum wage. People don't even weight issues anymore and politics is becoming more and more a emotional exercise.

  4. They even rig the polls they have people vote in! Got under 100% for one and over 100% for the other… Makes since cause Republican votes weren't all counted and some Democrats get to vote multiple times.

  5. I think Biden is more progressive than he himself realised. And if this wasn't so demonised in the US that could really be celebrated!
    Progressive policies just make a lot of sense!

  6. We, Switzerland, have also been a democracy since 1848, we are a neutral country, have never had a war since our foundation in 1848, we are respected in the world and we have 4 major parties and another 5 parties in the country that form the government . Our government has 7 federal councilors and a two-chamber system (National Council and Council of States), similar to the USA. The various parties are elected in the two chambers by the people and these two chambers elect the 7 federal councilors. One of the 7 Federal Councilors takes the chair for 1 year and is President of the Federal Council. Everything that happens in our country is determined by these political levels and submitted to the people for a vote on important issues. I can say that I am happy to live in this country and it works great! There is no left or right, but togetherness. In the case of vocal elections, the result is accepted by all citizens. Something like the one in the USA will not happen to us because the mixed parties prevent this from happening. Also the power is not in the hands of one person but is distributed over the whole people. I would advise the US to take a look at our system of government.

  7. The Prime Minister of Israel on the one hand will flatter and beg and see presentations of intelligence and lie to the President of the United States and will also draw time with lies. This is the game that the Prime Minister of Israel will make for the President of the United States. The Prime Minister of Israel will not honor the President of the United States. The Prime Minister of Israel will make fun of America. The Israelis also planted wiretaps in the White House. The US administration will talk to Israel and obey Israel because in fact Israel has ruled America for many years and most of the US administration is Jewish, Israel has worked for many years to take over America and it happens, America has reached a point where it is afraid of Israel and does everything Israel says because all party power is Because of the Jews. America can do nothing without Israel's approval.

  8. People here talking about the Electoral College system seem to not be able to distinguish between Congress and the President. Remember, the Electoral College chooses the President and you cannot have a “coalition government” President since there’s only one person. Unless you want to create Frankenstein. Congress is a different issue, but at the end of the day, one person from one party will still win every single time.

  9. Four legitimate parties would be better for the democratic capitalist way. More competition breeds better products and services or, in this case, Mills’ marketplace of ideas!

    There has ALWAYS BEEN more than 2 parties until the DNC GOP pact to block all.3rd party voices from national debate stage effectively silencing Everyone in US except Democrats and Republicans. I hope you get the Civil War you deserve because of the two party system so we can Get our voices back that this Government has stifled!

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