We stay on DESERTED ISLANDS for 48 Hours!!! (The Unexplored Atlantic)

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28 thoughts on “We stay on DESERTED ISLANDS for 48 Hours!!! (The Unexplored Atlantic)

  1. I found y’alls account a week ago, I just recently got into sailing and the lifestyle and you are living the dream!!! But in all seriousness I’m new to sailing videos on YouTube, I’ve browsed for hours and hours and there is NOT ONE sailing account that makes better content than you guys. Best edits, best cinematography, best everything. The best sailing account on YouTube

  2. Hey ya guys … am sorry to break it to you 😉 – but that lunchtime-nap-period from Lenny `s soon gonna b going to come to an end :-/ … speaking of experience, lol. My now 12 year old didn't wanna lunchtime-nap with 1-and-a-quarter anymore and the now 2-and-three-quarter old one won't have it since 2 month. So nearly made it till 2 1/2 yrs but that s it – Well… the good side is: going to bed way earlier 😀 being off "kiddo-day"-watch earlier than with lunchtime nap 😀 Love your channel – keep it up :-* p.s. our little one does that with cameras as well 😉 being like: camera shy or not wanting to say or do something when filming her :-p rascal 🙂

  3. The quality of your videos is just amazing, beautiful shots, perfectly matching sounds and the coolest family to follow around! 🤗

  4. I am not a sea food person by any stretch of the imagination but, the meals that you guys pull together are appealing.
    Also papaya must be good because Lenny suggests it.
    Great video, loved the underwater shots back up to the boat bottoms.
    Thank you, Take Care and God Bless

  5. This content always is a reset button for noticing and experiencing the softer, lighter aspects of life, right under our noses.

  6. PS Lenny is the cutest little tiger 🦁 I’ve ever seen in his little safety crib. Can you not sleep? Peeps a tiny “no 🥺”

  7. How many parents can say they were both there full time to watch their kids grow up? Such a great parenting style where the child’s world revolves around the parent’s passions and nature is the toy.

  8. Riley – Read Steven Pinkers books "the blank slate" and "the better angels of our nature" Should be mandatory! Right up your street too.

  9. 1.53M subscribers and not a single TAG in this video. Interesting….Thanks for sharing guys. Always entertaining no matter what's going on.

  10. Great course is awesome. Can someone please translate the Aussie-English English buffoon quote near the end? I listened like 5 times and could not quite get it, haha.

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