We gather here due to a selfish man's injured pride – Sen. Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) referred to as the riots on the US Capitol “an rebel incited by the President of the US,” whereas addressing his colleagues at a …

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44 thoughts on “We gather here due to a selfish man's injured pride – Sen. Mitt Romney

  1. “The Lord is calling, sinner, come to Him today,
    Turn from this vain world’s renown;
    If you will follow Him in faith, like Joshua, Walls of sin will tumble down.”

  2. My amount of respect for mitt has tripled in these past few days, this guy will be remembered as a person on the right side of history.

  3. Political Power is transient and impermanent. It comes and go. Biden should not act and behave like he will rule and live forever. He should not forget about his own mortality.

  4. Mitt is an East Coast Liberal pure and simple. The only reason he is a Republican, is because he is against abortion and Liberals love abortion at any stage. I’m betting that every positive comment is from Liberals.

  5. I don't believe in party. I believe in country. And my fellow citizen. And I have to say mitt Romney keeps out shining his fellow republicans

  6. “We are gonna walk down to the Capital…” (these fools fell for it hook, line, and sinker)….coward in chief can’t even win an election …all these fools had to do was look at the distance he would have to walk and know HE wasn’t ABOUT to do no DAMN walking! Damn fools damaging, climbing, swinging, howling, spitting, breaking, stanking, dirtying, and god knows what ever else – to buildings and boards but but —-SAY LIKE BRUCE LEE —-BOARDS DON’T HIT BACK!!! COWARDS!!!!just like his two dim witted sons, COWARDS!!!

  7. The UNITED States of America. A DEMOCRATIC republic. We better work TOGETHER to keep this country UNITED. Believe me, you don't really want to live in a third world country. We're getting dangerously close. We can't afford to risk the greatness of America because of one selfish COWARDLY man.

  8. Lifelong democrat here. Mitt has my vote for president because I want to reward honesty, integrity, decency, and courage. Scarce qualities in D.C. indeed.

  9. Trump has NO integrity.
    If you asked him in an interview what integrity or exigent meant
    He would've crapped his diapers and walked away. To his bunker.

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