We Found An Abandoned Island Mansion- I've Never Seen Anything Like This!

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39 thoughts on “We Found An Abandoned Island Mansion- I've Never Seen Anything Like This!

  1. I think heavy D u should use that cowboy hat more. It would have made ya look like Indiana Jones exploring that place

  2. Ssup, I just found out bout this channel, can’t believe Diesel Brothers are on YouTube ahaha, me and my dad love your show hahah

  3. Why dont you buy the resort and do something with it. Thats old history there. It would be really cool to rebuild it over time on YouTube. I bet you can get alot more veiws also.

  4. I live on Saint Simons and it’s crazy hearing them sawing it in half with those chains wherever you go on the island! Thank you so much for covering that, your 3D model showed more than the news even does! Also great seeing it from a birds eye view they don’t ever allow!

  5. “Why are you using your sexy voice” right after a ad pops up in a deep Spanish voice about McDonalds lmaoooooooo I’m dying

  6. Excited to be going to Utah later this year but after catching up on these videos for the last two hours I'm fully expecting to get off the plane and be whisked away in a tracked vehicle to a waiting helicopter for a desert tour, drive back to the city on a utv and arrive to my hotel in a monster truck 💪

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