Watch live: Boris Johnson holds #coronavirus news conference, as lockdown is extended until March

Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds #coronavirus information convention, following an earlier Commons assertion successfully extending England’s lockdown to eight …

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22 thoughts on “Watch live: Boris Johnson holds #coronavirus news conference, as lockdown is extended until March

  1. Honestly I think people have had enough . Soon enough people will not care . Where in lockdown and 1000 and over are still dying it make 0 sense .your killing people lively hoods . People don’t care about your rules anymore because there all rubbish . I respected your decision in March now your government are taking the biscuit .

  2. Cases should not been seen as infectious, it’s people who have tested positive with a PCR test not by a clinical blood test

  3. Did he really suggest that schools caused the last increase?? Has he honestly just found out that close contact in schools is maybe not a clever move? Crass. No trust in any of them. Guess there are enough believers out there though. Jab Jab Jabberwocky Boris. Pathetic government. No true leadership. Boring and shameful. Certainly not a proactive government.

  4. Here we go again the same old record open up everything too soon then cases go backup again then lockdown again round and round we go

  5. Since march, 101,887 have died from ANY cause within 28 days of a positive COVID test.

    A test which does not accurately diagnose Viruses!
    For a virus that has not been isolated!
    "The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses" Kary Mullis

  6. I think it might be an idea to extend lockdown until evryone is vaccinated, I know it will be hard but it may stop us going in and out of lockdown.

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