Watch Full Speech: President Biden Delivers Inaugural Address | NBC News

“President Joe Biden delivered his inaugural tackle with emphasis on a name for unity amongst People to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, work in direction of …

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48 thoughts on “Watch Full Speech: President Biden Delivers Inaugural Address | NBC News

  1. You hung on to President Trumps coat tails now your finally speaking up with President Trumps Hard work you did nothing for 50 years now your taking President Trumps ideals you can't be trusted you are lying to Americans your partner ship is everywhere else but America the people can see right through your lies

  2. If you need 20,000 National Guard troops to protect you from the people at your inauguration, you were not elected by the people.

  3. Biden is gonna be our all nightmare. You will not see it but you will feel it. The cost of living will increase and the job will decrease and our health insurance will increase more and I bet you will still vote for him again. Obama did the same thing when he was President but that's not is fault. I give that to President Clinton because of mortgage crisis. I respect Obama because I survived in the Mortgage crisis at that time . The only thing I don't like to him is the Obamacare, that's effect my financial situation but nobody is perfect.

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  5. But this man Biden spoke well and peaceful i must confess, and i wish him well in JESUS NAME AMEN

  6. Good to see hypocrisy alive in America. I'm sure he is going to unite as long as everyone agrees with the left, and I'm sure he will allow free speech, as long as we speak what the left says, right? What a sham of country we are now.

  7. I see a tired old man that can't hold a speech together, all baseless from a 50 year failure incompetent. Biden was not elected by the people he's a fraud.

  8. Every video I click on him has almost and sometimes more dislikes than likes!!!!! If their were 81 million supporters it wouldn't take them much effort to view their "President" give his inaugural speech on YT!!!! Trump had almost 5 million in 8 hours for his farewell speech!!!! 265,000 likes to about 3,000 dislikes!!!! And ur telling me Biden most popular ever!!!! I'm scared if people r really that stupid..

  9. A weak, frail, dementia laden man has assumed the great office of President. His speech spoke of unity but yet is divisive and dividing. America is a great nation yet many dark days are ahead of us under this president.

  10. It’s impossible that if he received more votes than any other president EVER that dislikes would be as meteorically high as they are. THE 2020 ele ction was robbed.

  11. Illegitimate President. Illegitimate Administration. And look at the amount of down votes. Speaks volumes about how many people reject this Election theft.

  12. Can someone ask Kamala Harris if she still believes Joe Biden's sexual assault accusers? Or was that just something she said when she was dropping in the polls in 2019.

  13. Biden is clueless on policy. He has no plan for the pandemic, economy or foreign policy. The media isn’t in a love fest with the administration either. Durham is breathing down his neck. His son is under investigation by the DA in Delaware. Unfortunately Kamala is incompetent too

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