Watch Australian Surfers Save Woman Drowning In Hawaii | NBC News

Video reveals Australian surfers saving a lady struggling to swim in tough surf in Oahu, Hawaii. Professional surfer Mikey Wright was recording the video and gave his …

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32 thoughts on “Watch Australian Surfers Save Woman Drowning In Hawaii | NBC News

  1. Good for all those people for not giving up….and the one dude that went in and got her should get a medal….Great to see the Human side of human beings….was so tired of hearing the Blood-sucking politicians for the last two days…

  2. People always underestimate the power of a wave. Lifeguards and others less experienced in the water lose their lives because of your stupidity.

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  4. watch how to rescue souls: see my Playlist called soulwinning demonstration it explains how to receive eternal life with bible verses..

  5. Read the warning signs before entering the waters. Lifeguards don't just put those out so they can have an easy day. Mickey is a true LIFEguard to this woman.

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