Watch: 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Between Mike Pence, Kamala Harris | NBC News NOW

Watch the 2020 vice presidential debate livestream and see Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris face off reside. Para ver el debate en Español, …

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29 thoughts on “Watch: 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Between Mike Pence, Kamala Harris | NBC News NOW

  1. Funny, she says she was the first to require body cams on her officers. However, it was South Carolina who first required that of their officers.. ?

  2. Jesus loves little children! Lets do the right things for our children and mothers. Our future is children. Under the sun God knows everything what we do. Count our hairs. God have mercy on us. Protect our children and grandchildren. Their lives matter!

  3. [Nov 13-14] Reprove not 'fake news' scorners, lest they hate thee; rebuke wise men, and they will love thee. K.S.-9:8 Dictum; reproved CNN-ACOSTA to stop LIBEL? [Ytube], to CNN & DEM to stop LIBEL?: No-2nd-term to libeled & hiding deleting JHU, WHO, WRLD BNK, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY proof of its election libel: U.S. COVID-19 REDUCED % FATALITIES: 2.75 Oct 22; 2.31 Nov 13. %F in 15 countries: Nov 2 v. Nov 13: -Grmn 1.97,1.65 -NL 2.11,1.93 -Fnlnd 2.20,1.97 -U.S. 2.51,2.31 -Brzl 2.89,2.84 -Frnc 2.69,2.28 -Spn 2.89,2.74 -AU 3.28,3.27 -Cnda 4.30,3.84 -UK 4.51,3.90 -Swdn 4.78,3.57 -Chn 5.39,5.37 -Irn 5.69,5.52 -Itly 5.47,4.09 -Mxco 9.92,9.78. Instead they scare voters w big death Nos. [reflecting US biggest population/inflated by hospitals – I recuse myself, as scientist [books, Amazon/1Mil+citations by Google], from debating politics, expressing admiration to Duty-Destiny NATIONAL-SPLIT HEALERS [NSH]: Living in Palm Beach, FL, I saw our COURT, FL SC & U.S. SC, 40 days work to bring historical unity. LIBEL INFECTED ELECTION today was thus void before starting. No escape today but again to run, under DUTY-DESTINY NSH: With GA Runoff? [11.5-REG/1.5-RUNOFF], or earlier? Less DOJ finality re endless election invalidities eg WIDE SPREAD election mail dumping proven by umf Ytube vids. [IN]..

  4. I love you President Trump and I love you Mike Pence we’re gonna make this country great again or not it will be a Third World country with Buy Bill Jyl

  5. Senator Harris like she likes looking at you like she wants to move to the right and that’s OK no log into it right but I think she is a Republican

  6. Kamala Harris she must be on some LSD or some good medication because she must be unhappy medication because she keeps slapping this disturbs me

  7. Hahahahah…. I’m so glad we aren’t going to have to see and hear this crazy boot licking christian in name only helmet head. He’s virtually unemployed now and who in the world would be willing to hire him for anything at all. The Covid travesty hangs around his neck as his legacy, just like his precious pretzel.🚨🤑

  8. obituaries all people whole world. democratic party. obama/michelle /biden/kamala/peloci/clinton death last night is stroke when they know lost north carolina & AK Can't cheater ballot.

  9. Of course we know what a bounty is Miss Harris and you just said that you hit that right on the nail there needs to be a bounty on you Miss Harris and Joe Biden sorry I can’t pronounce your name Camila but there needs to be a bounty on you guys you guys to get locked up if you have no idea what you’re saying everything that comes out of your mouth makes our country look sounds and looks really stupid week really weak

  10. Joe Biden is the a pitta me of evil he will ruin this country if he becomes president don’t you liberals see this I hope you do and if he does run this country you better not look at any Republican and say why did we do the I think we did the wrong thing oh buddy buddy buddy buddy I just want to strangle every liberal if they do that because they’re the ones who voted for him to get in but the polls the corruption of the ballots we’re getting Donald J Trump and no matter what he will be another four more years to add to the schedule

  11. Miss Harris stop talking about lies lies lies lies you’re giving me a headache and that’s the truth right now if I could just need to get up at stage if you’re making a fool out of yourself a pool

  12. Joe and you and present Obama don’t feel the same way because They did not take action when they could’ve saved her life and I believe if Donald J Trump was president back then she would be here right now and still living because Donald Trump would’ve took action he would’ve took action like nobody else that was a sad day liberals don’t need to run the country may be back in the 1940s in the 1960s and 70s and 80s I was OK I thought Clinton did an OK job but he’s not a Republican Republicans are in our right mind we like to do everything right that’s because were called the writer to write to do things right anyhow God bless Donald J Trump God bless Mike Pence

  13. Miss Harris to me seems like she has horns on top of her head like a demon or something and Joe Biden just looks kind of monsters like he’s a monster in sheep’s clothing can’t help it you just look like a demon to me I need to put holy water on them and Barnett demon out of them God bless America God bless Jesus and God bless this country because we’re going to share a need it need it all if they become running if they run them if they run this country we are so sad we’re doomed I love this country

  14. Vice president Mike Pence he is one super dude I would love to vote for him to for president if something happens is after four more years in the White House with Donald Trump I would like Mike Pence to stand up and be president make America great again God bless hey man I love my flag I love my freedom liberals don’t believe in that they want to burn the flag they want to tear down churches they want to burn down businesses

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