Watch: 2020 Election Coverage | NBC News NOW

NBC Information brings you full protection of the 2020 election whereas monitoring the state of the race between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden …

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24 thoughts on “Watch: 2020 Election Coverage | NBC News NOW

  1. i am a resident of the south region of the americas and i believe in you american people of which i consider a great nation, you cannot allow binden that belongs to (dark cabal) to win this election corrupted by evil, go out to the streets if possible but do not allow May evil once again extend the accession of humanity !!!

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  3. NBC and the other propaganda network stations ARE NOT the ones to decide, they are to REPORT the news. REPORTING and determining the news are not the same thing!

    When you hear any so-called reporter or network making claims as they did here, they are also illegitimate and part of the conspiracy! YES, THE DNC CONSPIRED TO BREAK THE LAW AND COMMIT TREASON! YES, CREEPY JOE IS PART OF THE CONSPIRACY. Two or more planing to break the law is a conspiracy.


  4. Just because the media states a presidential winner, does not make it legal according to the constitution. WISHING does not make it a reality. The 3 paragraphs that follow are from the link that is at the bottom of my post.
    “There's Election Day, where those electors are elected; there's the date in December where the electors meet and then vote for president; and then there's the date in January where the Congress certifies that election,” says Amy Dacey, executive director of the Sine Institute of Policy and Politics at American University.

    In addition to the Electoral College, certifying the winner of the presidential election involves the Senate, House of Representatives and the National Archives.

    This process is the result of a compromise among the Founding Fathers, who weren’t convinced voters could be trusted to choose a worthy leader.

  5. I've been dead since 1978. But I still voted Biden last week! And if u didn't vote democrat u ain't black! Hunter, pass the crack pipe ASAP

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