Was Star Trek Discovery SNEAKILY Cancelled???

In addition to being an enormous underneath performer there appear to be a couple of indicators that Star Trek Discovery has truly quietly been cancelled. This is likely to be as a result of they …

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31 thoughts on “Was Star Trek Discovery SNEAKILY Cancelled???

  1. It's all about Michael Burnham and it is tiring her part of every key plot twist and point. Overacting is not needed when you have no on where rubber mask and the special effect are in every scene good.

  2. Old fogey here … current Star Trek is terrible. I view it the same way I view all the Highlander films after the first one, or like that time Spider-Man struck MJ, or that time Superman made an adult tape. "Lah lah lah, never happened, go away."

  3. STD has been a shitshow since it's inception, the producers have done everything possible to piss on the 50 plus years of established canon and it's fans.

  4. I only watched three episodes of STD that was all I could take. The new Klingons turned me off the show as well as Mikey and other characters. I just started watching Voyager the one trek series I missed a lot of episodes.

  5. I enjoyed the storyline in its most basic form but the gender politics and overall circle jerky nature of it was causing pain from all the eye rolling and long sighs depleting my brain of oxygen (any longer and I think I would have joined the brain dead target audience).

    I don't know if they will pay attention but I down voted it and removed it from my watch list a couple of episodes ago and looking at those viewing figures, I wasn't the only one.

  6. With Joe Biden getting in and radical leftist voices gaining traction plus Trump and the right being unpersoned by big tech this is the kind of shows they will be outputting more of, gotta keep the progressive propaganda flowing to reshape the peoples minds.

  7. If I recall correctly, Super Girl got saved by Arrowverse CW fans. It also didn't go super sjw cringy until after the first season.

  8. Let us pray it has been cancelled. It is so turgid to watch. It had some interesting characters, but many annoying ones. Michael Burnham is annoying as the "heroic" protagonist of the story. Michael is always right, never seems to make errors that impact on her long-term and lets not mention pro-nouns…I liked Series 2 the most, a bit of old fashioned story telling and a clear ending. Series 3 Finale was a meh pile of poop.

  9. Michael Burnham: “Michael Burnham”
    Michael Burnham, Michael Burnham, Michael Burnham (Michael Burnham)
    …”Michael Burnham”.

  10. I wholeheartedly admit that I did not watch this entire 20-minute video, so maybe my question was answered.

    What are the ratings for the show on CBS All Access? They have already signed on to do a Season 4. Maybe all of the people that want to watch that show are watching it in real time, and didn't wait until season 3 to watch season 1 on regular network television. If anything, those 1.7 million viewers for Season 1, will get on CBS All Access and get caught up and only add to the amount of people watching it in real time.

  11. Star Trek Discovery began filming its Season Four back in November and will finish filming in February. This video clip and the responses below are just fucking pathetic. This vlog is fucking pathetic.

  12. The hardest thing to get across to people are that these SJW types that push this message are ruining society. And that it's all marxist.

    Trying tell other brown people this is just as difficult as non- brown 🤦🏿‍♂️

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