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16 thoughts on “Warcraft 3 TFT – Island Defense #3

  1. Love this game mode, discovered it at such and early age and got lost for hours in it. Constantly trying to find someone who would chain host them because bots weren't used as much, somehow i got my brothers friend to teach me how to port forward so i could host my own lobby's. Good times!

  2. That guy was definitely hacking on that farsight. There's no way he should've automatically far sighted it within 30seconds – 1 minute of you getting there.

  3. Hey man, awesome vid. Do people still play this? i would literally pay 20 bucks just to play island defense.

  4. island defense was my fave back in the day i was unstoppable as titan specially glacious but when i used a builder i liked using radioactive due to the titan hunter being a vehicle for the builder to use

  5. Do you think there's a chanche this will ever grow like dota or the moba genere in general? I mean ,there's a chanche one day we will see island defense as a stand alone ? i feel that would be epic

  6. Really shouldnt ever base unless you have like 10k+ lumber, also you want to wall so you have atleast 6-7 layers of wall before he hits any of your turrets

  7. You were eyed the entire time, that's why he knew of your location. Also, you gave away the position of pink by teleporting into his base.

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