Voyager 1 And 2 Probes Amaze Us Again With Another Discovery

We thought that after we handed the Hercules Columns of the heliosphere the probes would cease speaking to us. Not due to the power exhaustion, however …

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30 thoughts on “Voyager 1 And 2 Probes Amaze Us Again With Another Discovery

  1. Amazing how a tiny little nuclear battery has lasted 40+ years …. travelled all over our galaxy, and has broken through the hhllospere …. but my electric car can’t go 500 miles without requiring a charge that takes 30-40 min …..

  2. You have great production values overall but such cringe-worthy writing! Every sentence is trying so hard to sound epic but instead comes off as awkward and jarring, at least to me. Almost every other proper science channel has decent competent writing so I don’t understand why Insane Curiosity stumbles so badly. I feel like I’ve commented before. The awkward use of the language so distracting from the great content that I can’t even finish the video. As a media production veteran, please hire someone else to write or re-write your scripts!

  3. I remember when these launched I was just a kid and now my kids have kids. Now we need a replica of the original one in the more modern version showing our advancement Voyager 3

  4. Though you never gave totally incorrect facts you used pictures that were not actually connected to your story. The VLA in New Mexico was used to connect with Voyager II in 1989 but has not been used for that purpose since then. The only antenna dish that can transmit to Voyager II is DSS 43 in Canberra, Australia it has been undergoing upgrades since March of 2020 and while it did have contact in October as part of an upgrade test it will not be back up till some time in February. The Northern Hemisphere can not see the probe since it has traveled below the plain of the planets and the only dish able for the job is DSS43 Link to picture

  5. twin probs? AI always gives itself away.

    Plutonium Poisoned Ambassadors, that is the main complaint of off worlders that come to earth, y'all wreak of plutonium. Atomic Testing did that.

  6. travel is faster through the interstellar medium than our heliosphere. it increases the probability of visitations

  7. Some awesome pieces of engineering that learned us a lot. There is only the thing I always hear that bothers me. That after their power runs out they will continue on their journey to maybe be found by some alien species. I never hear the more obvious end for these probes. To reach a nearest star they will have to travel thousands of years, I'm pretty sure that unless something really bad happens here on earth in the next 50 years, they will probably be picked up by a human spaceship somewhere in the next 150 years and they will end up in a museum on earth. Just like Elon's Tesla will end up at the SpaceX headquarters lobby

  8. How intelligent is it when a spices that cannot travel into interstellar space gives its address to any species that has already mastered it?

  9. I never believed there was nothing, that movie Contact made me realize exactly what she said why would it be so big, an nothing out there. We are just not smart enough to know YET💯🤦‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  10. Strange to think that both of these spacecraft may end up being to only evidence humans ever existed. They will be out there when we are long gone.

  11. There is no bow shock, reread the (failed) predictions and (surprising) results of the IBEX mission.

    Per the acceleration of the electrons, consider that the plasma double layer at the heliopause can accelerate ions and electrons that are able to pass through it, otherwise slowing and arresting. Usually we only see one half of this phenomena within a cathode tube as the walls of the enclosure do not allow for further egress of the particles, and the observation thereof. It is actually the basis cathode ray tube monitors, and electron guns where in which the one side is open.

  12. My favorite example of mans never ending desire to learn. Those little probes were worth more than every other program combined

  13. The year 2070 voyager 1 and 2 sent back with a message. "You throw your trash around your planet, must you also do the same to our highways?"…

    Humanity: oops our bad

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