Vote on stimulus check increase to $2,000 blocked by Republicans in Senate

Yahoo Finance’s Jessica Smith joined Yahoo Finance Dwell to interrupt down the most recent stimulus test information because the probability of $2K stimulus checks have little …

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20 thoughts on “Vote on stimulus check increase to $2,000 blocked by Republicans in Senate

  1. We voted for them because we thought they would help trump yet all they do is betray trump and the people 🤦‍♂️

  2. I just HATE the Republicans! We worked hard for the stimulus. $600 doesn't even cover my car payment! And why only $300 for unemployment? WE'RE STARVING HERE! You think reducing my unemployment supplemental from $600 to $300 is FAIR? It's OUR MONEY!

  3. So they offered us $600 with a bad bill that paid out millions to tertiary issues to the American people, then they jumped to add $2000 to help insulate the crap bill, (but would actually help the people) then the senate shot down the $2000 payments connected to the crap bill in order to push for their own version of a crap bill? Am I missing somethign?

  4. Just know, there’s whit3 trash “republicans” in Kentucky that are struggling financially and laughing at the same time because Mitch, the guy they voted for, “owned them libs”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. They need to stay in washington and don't need to go home they also need to unblock the 2000 and get them to the Americans people and get tte ball rolling and get it done everyone agrees with sanders and get the job done and then everyone can go home 🏡

  6. Just stop tacking on foreign interest crap. Give that money back to the people that put it there. It sure ain't the polititions that seem to keep denying giving any back.

  7. I think Americans need to send politicians a message. If everybody boycotted paying taxes, the politicians might experience what all the rest of us are going through. They so "easily" decide to cut/block money for us, but they are not going through the financial difficulties we are. We were able to get them to listen when many of us banned together regarding our black sisters/brothers. We need to send therm a message and block their funds!

  8. McConnell is a lame aristocrat that doesn’t need to have that type of power that could literally kill Americans that are down & out by not passing this relief bill smh

  9. Yw hes trying 2 kill us off a little at a time hes just mad it's not all going in his pocket so stop being a stick in the mud and give us that money we all need

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