Vote on $2,000 coronavirus relief checks heads to Senate

CBS Information White Home correspondent Paula Reid joins CBSN to debate the newest on efforts to extend coronavirus stimulus checks from $600 to $2000, and …

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21 thoughts on “Vote on $2,000 coronavirus relief checks heads to Senate

  1. All the ” covid19 ” studies are baseless and use the PCR test .
    Dr Kary Mullis-Nobel Prize in chemistry 1999
    Inventor of PCR test-died few months before CoNviD
    discoverd how to amplify DNA
    Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft

  2. Do you follow this feed , SENATORS. We aren't going to allow business as used to be. Senator Mcconnell.
    Pass this please sir. We have work to do and your President has caused more than acceptable amount of delay.

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  4. Our government is trying to buy friends.. news flash . You can’t buy yr friends . And giving other Countries money and charging the American people .. to pay it back ??? I don’t think so..
    And if we weren’t getting charged usury fees..
    We want our gold back that u gave away .. Trust in God and not in man..

  5. Political chess match? Are you kidding, this is nothing but a pissing contest. Can't believe she said that.

  6. It's not their money. They're payed to act as we the people have them to do, not to try and think for 'US' (we the people), they must stay in their place.we are in need, they are not !! Their bank accounts must be frozen and they must be made to endure the living conditions and accommodations in the same manner and areas as we have done, until ALL of those no seeing people get on board with 'OUR' PROGRAM. Have them live out of small, ruff, cheap rooms and or motels with a mere just enough to get too and fro eat from the area's as we the people do, OR GET OUT, GET GONE and replaced with the right person's for the position's.
    Now $2,000 or take it all out of all their pays ( All, both sides, you work for US. PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

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