Video fuels questions about 'insider' help for Capitol attack

One week after the lethal rebellion on the Capitol, there are nonetheless extra questions than solutions on whether or not any lawmakers or police assisted the pro-Trump …

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47 thoughts on “Video fuels questions about 'insider' help for Capitol attack

  1. This is a place of horror, the police hid, rushed out of the room and shot the female petitioner! 300,000 people died of pneumonia ignored it, and they wanted to disrupt other countries! !

  2. now i understand, gagging trump by twitter and other social media was the right move so he could not incite more violence.

  3. Arrest them before they have a chance to cause any damage. If they come armed with assault weapons shoot to kill make a public announcement that if they raise a gun in a threatening manner they will be fired upon by machine guns and if anyone doesn't want to be a part of this demonstrate another day.

  4. I'm blown the hell away they didnt see this coming. I'm liberal in Louisiana, they've been wildly talking strategic civil war since election. They wont stop. Hes their messiah.

  5. Not “like” a terrorism probe – it IS a terrorism probe, because it WAS terrorism. Traitors to our constitution along with their leader Hump

  6. As an entertainment journalist, I've had the opportunity to cover Trump for over a decade, and in all my years covering him I've never heard anything negative about the man until he announced he was running for president. Keep in mind, I got paid a lot of money to dig up dirt on celebrities like Trump for a living so a scandalous story on the famous billionaire could've potentially sold a lot of magazines and would've been a Huge feather in my cap.

    Instead, I found that he doesn't drink alcohol or do drugs, he's a hardworking businessman. On top of that, he's one of the most generous celebrities in the world with a heart filled with more gold than his $100 million New York penthouse.

    Since the media has failed so miserably at reporting the truth about Trump, I decided to put together some of the acts of kindness he's committed over three decades which has gone virtually unnoticed or fallen on deaf ears.

    In 1986, Trump prevented the foreclosure of Annabell Hill's family farm after her husband committed suicide. Trump personally phoned down to the auction to stop the sale of her home and offered the widow money. Trump decided to take action after he saw Hill's pleas for help in news reports.

    In 1988, a commercial airline refused to fly Andrew Ten, a sick
    Orthodox Jewish child with a rare illness, across the country to get medical care because he had to travel with an elaborate life-support system. His grief-stricken parents contacted Trump for help and he didn't hesitate to send his own plane to take the child from Los Angeles to New York so he could get his treatment.

    In 1991, 200 Marines who served in Operation Desert Storm spent time at Camp Lejune in North Carolina before they were scheduled to return home to their families. However, the Marines were told that a mistake had been made and an aircraft would not be able to take them home on their scheduled departure date. When Trump got wind of this, he sent his plane to make two trips from North Carolina to Miami to safely return the Gulf War Marines to their loved ones.

    In 1995, a motorist stopped to help Trump after the limo he was traveling in got a flat tire. Trump asked the Good Samaritan how he could repay him for his help. All the man asked for was a bouquet of flowers for his wife. A few weeks later Trump sent the flowers with a note that read: We've paid off your mortgage.

    In 1996, Trump filed a lawsuit against the city of Palm Beach ,
    Florida, accusing the town of discriminating against his Mar-a-Lago resort club because it allowed Jews and blacks. Abraham Foxman, who as the Anti-Defamation League Director at the time, said Trump put the light on Palm Beach not on the beauty and the glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination. Foxman also noted that Trump's charge had a trickle-down effect because other clubs followed his lead and
    began admitting Jews and blacks.

    In 2000, Maury Povich featured a little girl named Megan who struggled with Brittle Bone Disease on his show and Trump happened to be watching. Trump said the little girl's story and positive attitude touched his heart. So he contacted Maury and gifted the little girl and her family with a very generous check.

    In 2008, after Jennifer Hudson's family members were tragically murdered in Chicago , Trump put the Oscar-winning actress and her family up at his Windy City hotel for free. In addition to that, Trump's security took extra measures to ensure Hudson and her family members were safe during such a difficult time.

    In 2013, New York bus driver Darnell Barton spotted a woman close to the edge of a bridge staring at the traffic below as he drove by. He stopped the bus, got out and put his arm around the woman and saved her life by convincing her to not jump. When Trump heard about this story, he sent the hero bus driver a check simply because he believed his good deed deserved to be rewarded.

    In 2014, Trump gave $25,000 to Sgt. Andrew Tamoressi after he spent seven months in a Mexican jail for accidentally crossing the US-Mexico border. President Barack Obama couldn't even be bothered to make one phone call to assist with the United States Marine's release; however, Trump opened his pocketbook to help this serviceman get back on his feet.

    In 2016, Melissa Consin Young attended a Trump rally and tearfully thanked Trump for changing her life. She said she proudly stood on stage with Trump as Miss Wisconsin USA in 2005. However, years later she found herself struggling with an incurable illness and during her darkest days, she explained that she received a handwritten letter from Trump telling her she's the bravest woman, I know. She said the opportunities that she got from Trump and his organizations ultimately
    provided her Mexican-American son with a full-ride to college.

    Lynne Patton, a black female executive for the Trump Organization, released a statement in 2016 defending her boss against accusations that he's a racist and a bigot. She tearfully revealed how she's struggled with substance abuse and addiction for years. Instead of kicking her to the curb, she said the Trump Organization and his entire family loyally stood by her through immensely difficult times.

    Donald Trump's kindness knows no bounds and his generosity has and continues to touch the lives of people from every sex, race, and religion. When Trump sees someone in need, he wants to help.

    Two decades ago, Oprah asked Trump in a TV interview if he'd ever run for president. He said: "If it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out totally because I really am tired of seeing what's happening with this country.'"

    That day has come. Trump sees that America is in need and he wants to help. How unthinkable! On the other hand, have you ever heard of Hillary or Obama ever doing such things with their own resources?

    Now that's really unthinkable! Might be worth passing on!!!

    Just shows we hired the right guy. If Hollywood , the liberals and the

    media ever STOP harassing him, Trump will have time to do many more positive things for our country….the good ole United States of America!!

    PS ~ To those who are already Fact Checking, don't bother . . . already did it, and all the stories are TRUE!

    The Liberal, progressive, socialists want to destroy this guy. .

  7. One day the blinkers will fall from the eyes of those who think trumpetytrump is God. He's nothing but a lying bully. It'll take time, but it'll happen

  8. Of course it was planned, people were allowed to go into the building itself to become familiar with the layout of the capitol, they brought guns and molotov coctails, they Brought a scaffold and a noose…I hope Skype is now watching what is going on in their app because it seems to be the only social media left to Trump and it's loyalists.

  9. Fight? Fight for what? Sounds like a bunch of stupid people who don't know much about anything. Every 4 or 8 years, the US elects a new president. This is supposed to be a celebration. We, as a society, need to put our hopes and support behind the new leader of our government. When Trump was elected, I was disappointed and depressed. But 'people' said: "Give the man a chance. Let's see if he can do the things he has promised". So I did. I figured that this is the way is going to be, so I have to learn to accept it. Sadly, Drumpo should have never been elected. He has proven himself to be totally unfit and disastrous. But, I gave him a chance. Now let's fast forward to NOW. Mr. Biden deserves the same respect and consideration. But NO. Here come the goof balls, with their big mouths, and their threats and their disgusting behavior ….. and they think that what they are doing is justified. We guess what? It's NOT! These A-Holes need to sit down and shut up. Listen to me, you bunch of filthy beard-o's and smelly turd boys. Your crappy 15 minutes of fame is OVER! Get lost and let the rest of us (THE law-abiding, tax paying, concerned and considerate MAJORITY) get on with the business of the day…. (which is for adults ONLY, and not silly, unruly upstarts.)

  10. Which….. side ……is …..inciting …… violence?!?
    1 just ….don't…. know … why there…. aren't … uprisings ….allz ….over …the country, …..maybe ..,.. there will be – pelosi…
    2 People….. need … …..start ….taking to the….. streets… this …is a …..dictator – msnbc
    3 There …..needz…. 2 …. be ….unrest…. in the streets as long as there's unrest in our lives -msnbccc
    4Tell me who said protester supposed to be polite and peaceful – cnnnn
    5They are still gonna have to go out and put бuллет in Donald trump. -msnbccc
    6I have thought an awful lot about блоwіngup the White House- Madonna
    7When is the last time an actor асасinateд a president? -Johnny Depp
    8And if you see anybody from the cabinet in a restaurant and a department store I gasoline station you get out and you create a crowd you push back on them – maxine Waters
    9We're going to go and impeach the motherfkr- rashida talib (before Ukraine)
    10They aren't going to stop after election day November and they shouldn't stop- kamal Harris

  11. Capitol attack was clearly an inside job. Security was super lax with some officers being told to leave early, suspicious tours given by Republicans before the attack, emergency buttons torn out, long time before National Guard was allowed to come in, some officers clearly allying with the MAGA crowd.

  12. ROFL it’s downright HILARIOUS seeing the same “defund the police!!!” Idiots now fully focused on making sure they have MORE POLICE THAN EVER BEFORE.

    You know the type. The kind that was saying “Sometimes protests need to get violent” every night for WEEKS.

    …until the 1 time it wasn’t their team doing the violence.

    You stood strong by your beliefs!

    …except for the first time they were challenged.

  13. This has been coming for awhile. It’s here . Sad as it is . Trump has dumped this on us. On top of the pandemic. I have confidence in the National Guard and Law enforcement. The terrorists will be defeated and arrested.

  14. The woman instructing the rioters on what to do exactly to get in. lol I wonder which Trumper posted this evidence on line. The voice will be analyzed and compared to people who work in the capitol. "Foist by their own petard" lol.

  15. Big tec has silence my president. Even tho they should be investigated. FACEBOOK TWITTER AND others all had posts tweets about riots and plans. Shame on all of you. Rushed to impeach trump. I hope trump shuts this shit show down

  16. Would this be happening if Trump had acted sensibly and accepted defeat on November 4th? Well that was never gonna happen, what with huge ego and all!!!!!! The man is a lunatic who should be behind bars

  17. POPPY BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ AS CAN BE

  18. Lol 😂 a Simpson’s episode is America’s democratic and republic situation. Angry mobs with pitchforks and flame torches … angry people just following the mob around without a purpose.

  19. This goes in the "duh" file. Misses warning signs are right in the USA's wheelhouse. Armed, but peaceful…sounds like a perfect match.

  20. Wait Wait Wait. That is a NEW video of lady with megaphone giving instructions. WHO IS SHE? Has she been i.d.'s yet? Has she been arrested yet?

  21. These people give crazy a whole new meaning. It's not a matter of political views anymore, they seem to live in an alternate universe where lunacy is absolutely normal. The drink bleach thing is way out of hand.

  22. All these women's ideas of combat were learned from watching 7 seasons each of Rizzoli & Isles and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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