Vet Follows Baby Elephant And Makes Adorable Discovery

Vet Follows Child Elephant And Makes Cute Discovery. A child elephant, who simply days earlier had been unwell, weak, depressed, and regardless of nonetheless being sick …

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29 thoughts on “Vet Follows Baby Elephant And Makes Adorable Discovery

  1. awww, so sweet, animals really are the best people. your viddies are getting better too, thank you for having more relevant pics with the story.

  2. Só sorry bout the elephant. Never heard so such of thing. But glad you had the dog to keep her company for awhile. RIP

  3. Watched this and don't appreciate the fake pics you show through out your storey makes me think your storey is fake and I've had enough of fake news to last me the rest of my life so im gone as soon as I hear the narrator's voice

  4. The elephant was terminal… what an adorable discovery. Yo… just because they save a baby rhino after the fact, doesn't make Elly's death any less heart wrenching! Adorable discovery, my ass. I hate garbage channels like this that simply read verbatim from some online article while displaying images that aren't even of the actual animals in the story, as are tangentially related at best.

  5. Poor little baby elephant. Elephants are so sweet. And dogs, all I need to say about them is dogs spelled backward is God.

  6. So sad. From stuff I have seen. It is hard for a baby elephant. The dog was, is a wonderful care giver. Thank you.

  7. Oh poor Baby Eley Thank you so very much for Not giving up on him My Heart ♥ Sings All your love for him Bless Dooma I was brought up with German shepherd's I was allowed a puppy German shepherd in my bed I was 4 years old
    I'm in tears bless Eleys ♥ Heart
    Yvonne Mullion Cornwall England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  8. holy hell who makes these awful videos, 7 minutes long and 6 minutes is just pics or videos of random people in "deep thought" or mentioning health and milk so its a must to show a pic of milk hahahhahhaha . nah we know what milk is

  9. I'll start crying if I watch this to the end again. I've already seen it, so I would prefer to stop the video at a happier point.

  10. That was a good story it’s a shame the baby elephant didn’t make it I have heard of people using dogs to keep different animals company

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