USS Discovery At Warp (Trekyards Animations) (1080HD)

We right here at Trekyards have an incredible group of behind the scenes creatives and two of them, Barry Chapman and Matt Wilson labored with us to deliver this extremely …

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43 thoughts on “USS Discovery At Warp (Trekyards Animations) (1080HD)

  1. Personally I always felt the berman era warp effect was really boring. Ships were basically entering a layer of of subspace so the effect should have looked a lot more visceral than what we got. After hundred of episodes of seeing ships flying statically at warp, the abrams films warp effect was a nice change of pace. Having said that i really liked the dynamic movement of Discovery in this clip it actually made the warp effect interesting.

  2. I feel like I’m one of the few who love the Crossfield-class design. I don’t think it looks too out of place; there are plenty of other ST ships that look quite a bit different than the general federation design. Plus it makes sense in relation to its purpose.

  3. Having read that one inspiration for DISCOVERY was the Lamborghinis of the 1970s, I can actually see why a ship produced BEFORE the original Enterprise would have such a boxy secondary hull. Also does that center "orb" detach? That'd be cool.

  4. Still don't get how people think this looks worse than the Oberth-Class. That is one of the most dreadful looking ships I've ever seen…

  5. Everything else about the show aside I can't deny that this ship looks Majestic and big and impressive and I have very little negative to say about it.
    And the skillful way this animation was done shows it in a extremely positive way. Probably the best angle in perspective of this design.
    Well done and I'm at least looking forward to seeing more of the ship!

  6. I hated this ship at first but then it grew on me. Really not a fan of the cutouts in the saucer or the new longer nacelles though. It looked so much better with the shorted stubbier nacelles. In profile it almost looked like a proto-Galaxy class.

  7. It's funny how people keep blaming JJ and the Kelvin timeline for this monstrosity when its obvious that this is as much a piss poor rip off of of the Kelvin timeline as it is a mockery of TOS

  8. The nacelles are too long, they just need to shorten them a bit and it will be fine. I still think they should just stayed within the JJverse. It's looks like Uss Vengeance but the civilian version.

  9. they should have had fans come up with the way it looks enterprise d looked like a beast even nx-01 didnt look this bad i like what u guys did but hate the way the ship looks!

  10. Great job Samuel! If you have time could we get more where you pan around the ship? And thank you for all your hard work!

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