US election: Trump tells protesters in DC "we will never give up, we will never concede" | FULL

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday spoke in entrance of supporters at a “Save America March” in Washington D.C. the place he stated “we are going to by no means hand over, …

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24 thoughts on “US election: Trump tells protesters in DC "we will never give up, we will never concede" | FULL

  1. BLM protests: Loots and razes cities


    Republicans: Enter the Capitol building with little to no effort


  2. This man is obsessed with the FACT that he legally LOST. An hour long rant….. where is the talk about COVID?? How he suppressed the truth and let 10's of thousands die.

  3. "We'll march over to the Capital & "PEACEFULLY & PATRIOTICALLY make our voices heard."

    (Uh hum…)

    Not quite sure which word is more deserving of impeachment here,


    Sooo, what should he have said instead…to get every Washington politician & News media outlet to praise him (instead of calling for his impeachment?…)

    (How's this?…)

    "Now Go back to the city & state you're from & VIOLENTLY RIOT in behalf of Antifa & BLM for thirty days, (WHILE BURNING THE AMERICAN FLAG while you do it."…)


  4. If he cared about Americans he wouldn't have thousands of people come to his speech and protest the capital during a PANDEMIC.

  5. "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. " — Ariel Durant

  6. Looks like "handmaids tale " is our future. There was nothing inciteful in this speech. I think the left wants to make sure Trump can't run again. Thats their agenda, Beat Trump any way they can. It's so wrong. How many dems did not come to Trumps inauguration? I only hope that that the republicans show the same to this administration. They didn't support the right for before the inauguration so why should the right support the left??

  7. Ben Franklin said that Democracy cannot survive without free press. Who ya going believe? You decision indicates your ability for rational thinking and logic.

  8. I didn't hear our President say anything about violence! He did say "“To peacefully and patriotically let your voices be heard…” at 16:34. Is that impeachable?!!

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