Ups & Downs From Star Trek: Discovery 3.13 – That Hope Is You, Part 2

Does it exit with a bang? Seán Ferrick with all of the Ups & Downs from Season 3’s Season Finale, ‘That Hope Is You, Half 2’. Learn the article right here: …

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50 thoughts on “Ups & Downs From Star Trek: Discovery 3.13 – That Hope Is You, Part 2

  1. Wow, this was a very “interesting” review. I do not understand how can you give one UP for the crew interaction when they were running out of oxygen, it’s the type of situation we’ve seen a gazillion times, and on top of that, terribly acted!!

    I wanted to like the season, and your review, and was disappointed by both.

  2. It seems to me that this was the last season, a new one would only rule out what could happen with a new season of Piccard which seemed more futuristic, however if they do it they must also include the character that appears in the series Entrprise that comes from the future

  3. Yah we gotta nix the conceipt of turbolifts flying around inside an insanely amount of wasted space inside a ship that can't possibly be that big—inside a city on a planet sure, but on a ship or starbase? Nooooooo…..

  4. This kind of felt like series finale and GOD I hope it is, but probably not. If not, for F's sake finally hire some good sci-fi writers who actually know Star Trek universe. This is garbage Star Trek show and if it wouldn't be Star Trek, it would be just mediocre sci-fi show. Grew up on Star Trek, now soooo disappointed where these incompetent show runners and writers took it. Anyway, back to Expanse…

  5. Agreed the turbo lift scene reminded me of Total Recall (2012) fight between Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.
    too much negative space around the lift compared to TNG or Undiscovered Country.
    And what was going on with the warp core? and the ejecting tube. why was the tube bigger that the core? so the core bounced down. also didnt think you could entre the Nacells during warp ? didnt think they had an atmosphere.

  6. I felt the reason for the burn was a huge let down. It would have been better to use the Omega particle from Voyager. The writers don't use the tools it has available in canon to make better plots. I loved the 2 mirror universe episodes. They were the highlight of the season for me.

  7. Wondering if it would have been more interesting if the emerald chain turned out to be the good guys and the federation the villains.

  8. This is a horrible take on Star Trek, the entire writing staff and producers must be fired. And the show was not rushed, it took forever, it was a long 60 minutes.

  9. Hey Séan! Thanks for the fine reaction to the season finale. By the way: The counter of downs seemed not to change when you gave the down @ 16:12. There were the gesture and the beep, but the number remained the same.
    Well, yes, I found the turbo shaft interior universe strange too. It somehow reminded me a bit of fantasy stuff like Star Wars. And it felt a bit like JJ-Trek. I like JJ-Trek, I like Star Wars, but I really couldn't stand the two being confused and merged. That's why JJ Abram saying "I wanted Star Trek to become a little bit more Star Wars" felt very cringy to me. Oh, sorry, I've zoned out a bit. So yes, the turbo shaft universe was strange. Maybe it was just a visual analogy to Burnham's story arc. However: I liked the happy ending, Grudge is a goddess, and Michael Burnham will be a fine captain. This promotion came a bit rushed. Maybe Doug Jones is all booked up in the next couple of months. I hope he'll return, because the Discovery without Saru could feel like the classic Enterprise without Spock… 8)

  10. Great review again Sean… absolutely agreed with everything you pointed out. I'm quite interested in how the holo program was able to pick up on gray (even though it was & little convenient) & look forward to that explanation. 🖖

  11. Discovery is GORGEOUS !!! Agreed.
    But really lazy writing will be the death of it. We are living in an era of TV offerings like the Mandalorian and The Expanse. Star Trek doesn't ONLY have Lost in Space to compete with as it did in the 60's. Dioscovery has to up it's game.
    As my ex used to say, good looks isn't enuff.

  12. Personally I was completely lost by that turbolift scene. It make it feel like Discovery had somehow become the Tardis. Besides there is plenty of examples from Trek of scenes where the crew action is occurring in Turbolift SHAFTS. The only reason for that whole thing was to show off CGI gimmickry.

  13. E depois o alienado sou eu, utopias impraticáveis, e na verdade só pano de fundo para os debates relevantes da época,, e somente os anencéfalos não percebem isso, o enredo dessa temporada reflete bem isso, a galaxia inteira sofrendo as consequências do piti de um filhote de kelpiano desafortunado ,e tudo sendo resolvido por um revolucionário incapaz de obedecer as convenções, regadas a muita homo sexualidade ,emotividades desnecessárias e destruição das convenções sociais,lixo de enredo de uma juventude sem disciplina, a cara dos mileniuns, PATÉTICO. Discoovery is not star trek, discovery is star trash.

  14. I much prefered the style of Voyager, for a start i could understand every word that they spoke (no mumbling) and that continuous background music drove me mad !

  15. Were we watching the same program? It was a whole load of anti SWM rubbish .. I mean the all the federation ships could not damage a thousand year old ship.. Really?!

  16. Series one and two i really enjoyed, but it seemed to loose its way in three, it didn't help that half of the time i had a job to understand what they where saying due to mumbling, mostly Burnam, and fast talking.

  17. It’s like the writers saw the stupid ass turboshaft scene in Star Trek 5 and said “hold my beer, it’s not stupid enough!”

  18. The drama of the crew being potentially killed without oxygen got totally lost on me. Over two seasons, Discovery teached me that it is all about Burnham. This season is not much different and now I AM SUPPOSED TO CARE for Tilly and Co? I still can’t remember a few of their names. I agree to the turbolift argumenr. This was just nonsense. Is that a Dyson-Sphere or the Discovery? Why the heck is getting Burnham the Captainschair at the end??

  19. 22:51: In DS9 we saw how the commander, later captain Sisko, developed as a character and how he earned his promotion. With DISCO we have seen the main characters Saru, Burnham, and Stamets being promoted, but i haven't seen any others…. apart from Tilly who was commissioned as an Ensign then as an acting first officer….still no idea what rank she holds

  20. 19:22: Burnham in command of the Discovery, why not another ship. The Fourth season needs to show bridges of the other vessels. Technology-wise, it felt as if Starfleet had backwards

  21. 14:35: I would also say the downside is how they ejected the warp core and it seem to take forever to come out of the underside of the vessle

  22. 12:31: Captain Saru's character has come along way, but it now leave a question what happens to his character now that Burnham is now Captain?

  23. Really wanted to like this series so stuck with it, but won't bother with any season 4. The central character is weak and does little but whisper, the plot lines are lame (time travel generally, and the alternate universe, though at least it gave Michelle Yeoh an escape route), the turbo lift in a giant ship nonsense, the wokeness. The only themes were Burnham and the gay relationship – the latter was welcome and would have been a good sub-plot, along with others. Suru was being developed as an interesting character but seems to have gone, and Buk added some weight of character, but the up pops lame, whispering, charisma-less Burnham. The third series seemed to be an awkward mash up of the original series – slightly implausible and a little tongue in cheek – and the worst of JJ Abrams.

  24. I think it was amazing, it totally reached the emotional highs. I think it brought the theme of the whole season into a nice bow, the message was so clear. and can you imagine how important connection would be being out of time, alone with your crew.

    I stopped watching these episode breakdowns, it started ruining my experience. I don't think ups and downs is constructive, these videos are opinion pieces and you guys misrepresent it as fact.

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