Ups & Downs From Star Trek: Discovery 3.12 – There Is A Tide…

Die Exhausting on Discovery?! Seán is again with all of the Ups & Downs from week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery, ‘There Is A Tide…’. Take heed to the TrekCulture …

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38 thoughts on “Ups & Downs From Star Trek: Discovery 3.12 – There Is A Tide…

  1. What I like about this episode is the fact that we see that either the baddies nor the goodies are unidimensionable.

    Also, the fact that Stamets considers Adira as part of his family unit with Culber, very touching.

  2. That was a fun episode. The interplay between Stamets and Aurelio was great. I loved how Stamets considers Adira as his family. Standout point of their convo. Stamets has turned into one of my favorite characters on the show. I'll disagree with the down about sending Stamets away because he is the key to the spore drive – without him, then there is no spore drive. She was working to safeguard the Federation, also she was unaware of the meeting between Vance and Osyraa.

    I was also happy to see that Osyraa is more than the cartoon villain that she was shown to be. Nothing against Janet Kidder as an actor, it was how the character was written that felt a bit flat for me.

    Die Hard in Space. Love it. Also reminded me of the 'Starship Mine' episode from TNG, where Picard saved the ship from Not-Tuvok and Patricia Tallman.

  3. It was the logical, necessary choice, to put Stamets away from the Emerald Chain'sreach. If Osyraa or her people had managed to keep control of the ship and Stamets, she'd have the monopoly of spor drives. Even if she didn´t manage to mass product it, she's still use it to tow the Veridian instantly to wherever the EC needed firepower, with catastrofic results for the galaxy at large.

  4. to be honest i dont think im going to enjoy this last episode they are gonna leave out with a bunch of unanswered questions i feel like and yeah thats going to SUCKKK

  5. I have one more down. Why did Burnham call her mother with a distress signal instead of calling vans right? Did I miss Some thing?

  6. Dude, you are Irish. Your first down is exactly what happened when Dev (president) sent Collins (head of military) to negotiate with the British.

  7. Not gonna lie, this is the best review of Discovery not only because Seán really knows Trek, but also because he's the the cutest Irish cub ever!

  8. Last point Don't you think that the Emerald chain would have a few ships waiting at the Nebula to jump back? Also having Stamits at HQ will afford more action sequences before they can go back right!

  9. I have to disagree with you on the first down, for me it was intriguing not force it at all have to disagree with you on the first down, for me it was intriguing not force it at all. because vance may be the president too, Osayra is my new favorite villain , I like Tilly but she and and saru Have to pay fir their mistake

  10. My theory the "federation" is specie 8472.j/k. id also love to see some dominion species show up. maybe even Ben sisko could pop in

  11. I hated discovery seasons 1 and 2. Idk what they changed behind the scenes but season 3 is an absolute marvel. Can't wait for the finale. the season gets an up.

  12. I have to disagree. Stamets is the key to the spore drive. Without Stamets, Osyraa is stuck in Federation HQ, and can’t jump out. Neither can she or her scientist make their own key. Stamets being removed from the equation limits Osyraa’s options.

  13. I really liked Vance here, when he was trying to convince Osyra at the end of their discussion it's like the first moment he's shown some of that old school Federation idealism instead of the shades of grey morality he's been on about the whole season.

  14. I'm going to disagree with your last down. Osyraa has control of the ship, and she wants the spore drive. Until she no longer has control of the ship, it's best if Stamets isn't on the ship. Discovery is useless to Osyraa without Stamets.

  15. Well… Got the Sphere data thing right, as for the great it's all a build-up for that finale! Adira will be prominent but I fear who will be left at the end! Also, did you see the eyes on that panel on the bridge, THAT is a direct tie into the Repair bots having the e Sphere data!

  16. I really enjoyed this episode.
    That down number 2. The Viridian can't get into the federation HQ at the moment so that's not an issue.
    However Burnham knows without stammets Osiris can't use discovery spore drive and loses an advantage

  17. If StarFleet is part of a confederation of PLANETS, why is Vance eating recycled waste? Would the Planets not be supporting them with fresh goods? And resources? Rather, it plays like StarFleet is a stand alone entity, disgraced and resource poor.

  18. Great video as always guys.

    I have been wondering if the Eli hologram is somehow a cloak for the Federation President. Especially given what they showed with the away team last week.

  19. The scene with Burnham and Stamets did not deserve a down. It was very sad to see Stamets so distressed, but Burnham made the only logical choice — something she was unable to do with Ariam. They could not just jump because the Chain had co-opted the entire computer system. That's why the sphere data transfers itself into the DOT-23s. The jump cannot be completed without the computer navigation interface. Remember from Season 1 Lorca had to imput the coordinates for the jump on his chair's console before initiating a black alert? We even got a close-up once.
    Even if the Discovery was somehow able to make a rogue jump to the nebula, Osyraa had all transports on and off the ship shut down and they would not be able to save their people anyway. It was right to send Stamets into HQ so the Chain could not initiate a jump that would take them to the other side of the galaxy. With Stamets out of the picture, the Discovery would be limited to warp only. The logical sequence of tasks would be to prevent spore jumps, then secure the ship from Osyraa's regulators, then jump to the nebula to retrieve their people.

  20. I enjoyed this episode alot, as some have said i dont get the mummy distress call. Loved some of the interactions this episode and gave some real depth. No mention of the bots at the end though?

  21. Bit of an Easter Egg when the FedHQ goes to red alert 🚨- the klaxon is exactly the same as the long klaxon on Voyager! Specifically when Janeway tours the ship en route to engineering armed with a security team after the Equinox crew escapes, in Equinox Pt2. Anyone else notIced that? @seanferrick 🖖🏼

  22. Awesome review! Not much nitpicking this week because it was an absolutely fantastic episode!
    Jonathan Frakes directing the 800th Star Trek episode and knocking it out of the park was a great way to end 2020. Bloody brilliant! 🖖🏾

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