United Kingdom: An island with two camps – Brexit explained

United Kingdom: An island with two camps – Brexit defined My movies on European and World information might be revealed on separate channels any further: …

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21 thoughts on “United Kingdom: An island with two camps – Brexit explained

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  2. Your observations are very right. I have noticed in my own group of Pagans, that we all voted remain. We are global children.

  3. I remember Margaret Beckett's speech three and a half years after the referendum result. She said, of the need for a 2nd referendum, surely nothing could be more crazy and irresponsible leaving the EU without checking it was still the majority will. But the Brexitters were always motivated hardest by their fear of reason and truth.

  4. I just saw the Nederland police banning sandwich coming from the UK entering Nederland now that what taking back control means

  5. Refer to Mark Blyth political economist of Brown University. He explains the rise of Trumpism why the American worker is earning 1/2 of what he use to earn in the 1980 and why the current economic USA model is a path to disaster and more or less predicted what happened at capitol hill.
    UK wants to follow USA which is going to be a total disaster for the population of UK.
    Europe is based on a combined economic model where keyensian theory is accepted. Hence better distribution of wealth. Do not think Trumpism will happen in Europe. All Parliament are based on Proportional Representation which gives rise to negotiations and compromise. However there are some notable exceptions

  6. According to research by Oxford University, Wales only had a majority in favour of Brexit owing to some English people, often pensioners, moving over the border to profit from cheaper property prices.

  7. English society is very tribal on all matters internal and external. Hence the constant comparing of lists. Most people have no idea whether their country is number 3 of 6 in gdp and don't really care about it. English can't stop screaming about being 5th world largest economy. So no wonder that brexit has divided the union in camps: between pro and against brexit, between the 4 nations etc. Breaking up the UK and getting rid of the 17th century class system might be the only way to get the english into the 21st century. But that would just probably be another incentive to boast about being the most modern democracy on the planet…

  8. Brexit is not a subject brought up as polite company in England. This fact has some Quitters believing the debate is all over because they 'won' and Remainers have disappeared.
    No, many Remainers are either disheartened or seething,quietly or otherwise at the injustice caused by the loss of our rights in particular. The division is being masked by the Covid crisis but when it passes it will reemerge .Brexit is like a virus ,the virus will destroy the host,the United Kingdom won't exist and will be broken up into its constituent parts

  9. Perception. The only real BRexit benefits are to the mega rich who wish to avoid tax and launder money. The rest is just perception, the belief that ( add whatever your personal perception is here) was lost with membership and is now regained. Back in the world of fact and reason non of these perceptions hold true. The UK is now deeply divided between the two camps and the real world will take a long time to erode the Faith of those who perceived any benefit, let alone a net benefit.

  10. The future of our nation should never have been put in the hands of the public who are unqualified to make the right decision for the best interests of the UK!

    All we've done is the will of the ignorant, bigoted, insular, backward, paranoid racists who see the EU as a threat rather than our allies, as promoted by the lies in the dumbshit newspapers they read. Sadly the tory government is no better. So now its left in a right mess for generations to come. We'll done Farage, Cameron and Johnson you've really screwed up the UK this time.

  11. Marc the Eu had and easy way to stop brexit from even getting off the blocks.. simply LESS political union back in the early days it was a COMMON market for goods without this drive for ever closer political union..brexit wouldn’t of happened.. it was easy to see and if people would listen easy to stop.. but listening and acting with common sense seems to have become a forgotten skill

  12. The i-Brexit + new markets-B2B2C-i are innovation and creativity by the African Diasporas, Yoruba Nation, Commonwealths and the UK, and Self-Drtermination Yoruba' Nation Referendum Awareness.

    We could have stayed in the EU if the EU bloc offered an innovative business model – instead of low key offerings from the beginning of their campaign, and before the referendum votes

    One can't give what One don't have – the FTSE and YN-SE and Africa are leading the next generation IoT leveraged everything.

    The Labour leader is right not to support Labour remainers campaign based on old manifestos for the UK to rejoin the EU – the EU benefited from UK's legal texts – to striking deals with C.

    The Idea that the UK could rejoin the EU bloc does not exist, and the new partnership is what is on offer.

    I am concerned about many Labour members holding the notion and thinking, for the UK to rejoin the EU – P45 on the way due to lack of creative writing.

  13. Brexiteers want so badly the EU to break a part, but it looks as if they are tasting their own medication. No guarantee that Scotland and NI will stay forever in the union. Uk will become little England.
    I see remainers and young generation as victims in this mess.

  14. Hi Marc. I agree with your point that Brexit is a predominantly english concept. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. I sense the beginning of the end for the UK and perhaps that should be this government's epitaph.

  15. The psychology of Brexit for many voters. It's all a soccer game. "WE (whoever that is) won!" "But your clubs owner is a foreigner, your manager and coach are foreigners and nearly all your players are foreigners". "Don't matta, WE one. You is unpatriotic!".

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